09 April 2014

Ladies Who Do No Wrong: The Courtin-Clarins

I have a lot of cousins. But there are a few minor hindrances that keep me from being with them all the time. Like 8 of my 10 first cousins do not live in this country. And that of these 10, 7 are 11 years old and below. Of the remaining 3, only 1 is a girl. I don't mind though because she's enough to encapsulate the "partner in crime/ best friend/ my person" character. But then, there's another fact that we have to consider - she lives in Canada. So most of the time, it's just me. If I would have it my way though, I prefer we always go to places together while dressing up in coordinated outfits. Hah! That would be the dream.

The object of my envious, drooling, and awed self is none other than the elite heiresses of the Clarins empire. Their fathers are the acting owners of the giant cosmetic brand. Very tall, exceptionally gorgeous, inspiringly fit, what more can they ask for? Here are Jenna, Prisca, Virginie, and Claire Courtin-Clarins. Or you can call them the girls who have them all.

 photo CC11_zps58c79eae.jpg
 photo CC4_zps75f71410.jpg photo CC7_zpsfec07e24.jpg
 photo CC15_zps14f96355.jpg
 photo CC14_zps2dd47dbf.jpg
 photo CC8_zps75bbc744.jpg photo CC13_zps7780a2ec.jpg
 photo CC3_zps1933aa8e.jpg
 photo CC2_zps5ca76ca7.jpg
 photo CC6_zps872a4033.jpg photo CC12_zps692a75bb.jpg
 photo CC16_zpsc96b1083.jpg
 photo CC17_zps0d0a19c2.jpg photo CC9_zps3ce1249c.jpg
 photo CC5_zps286b4369.jpg
 photo CC10_zpsd4eabfe5.jpg

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