25 April 2014

On Principles While In Culottes

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Recently, I finally succeeded in coaxing my mom into buying me a pair of 'investment' shoes. Thus the reason behind the chosen words. Aside from, of course, there's brilliance in Alexander McQueen's mind as proven by his inimitable collections under his eponymous label pre- Sarah Burton era. Although to be fair to her, her vision is a polished and wearable version of his. Anyway. I completely agree with what Lee McQueen had said. There's no point in doing anything that you yourself find difficulty in believing in. Perhaps the only difference that we have is when we start believing in what we've done. One of my many flaws is impulsiveness. More often that not, I act on instinct rather than reason. So once I've already done something, that's when I convince myself that what I've done is acceptable. Whereas the quote implies that you should do things only if you believe in it. Whether your belief is present before or after an act, I think what's more important is that, no matter what the consequences are, you stand your ground. Or maybe that's just me again. Haha!

 photo IMG_47332_zps87a95aff.jpg
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Top: Zara | Necklace: Aldo | Shoes: Pedro | Culottes: Zara | iPad Bag: Kipling
I love anything high-waisted, be it pants, shorts, or skirts, or in this particular set, culottes, as they visually cheat my proportions making me think that I have longer legs than usual. There's a restriction though. This may be the longest pair of shorts I'll ever wear as it cuts my already short legs. Oh well. 

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I'll never outgrow the monkey of Kipling, I think. Since High School, my choice of everyday bag has always had the monkey.

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