21 April 2014


I've just been on a 10-day hiatus. In those 10 days, I didn't have any access to the Internet because I stupidly forgot to bring the pocket wifi with me. So I'll compensate my absence with numerous posts over this week. I'll start my Holy Week photo documentary posts with this set.

 I attended a relative's wedding held in Ilocos Sur. To be attuned with the season, I wore what I deemed was perfect for the resort-summer theme. I used my skirt as a tube top, tucked it in a formal white with gold accent dress shorts given to me by my best friend, and finished off with a colorful necklace. I threw on my overused white blazer just to uphold the solemnity of the rites while in the church. I'm more of a fan of an intimate gathering than a grandiose celebration. I love lavish occasions in general but anything that has to do with the Sacraments, I prefer it to be private and exclusive only to the closest relatives and friends. 

 photo IMG_4758_zps746be681.jpg
Skirt used as top: Zara | Dress shorts from my best friend: Forever 21 | Blazer: G2000 | Block heels: Topshop | Necklace: H&M | Watch: Anne Klein | Bag: Coach

 photo DSC_0285_zpsd9df18c4.jpg photo DSC_0284_zpsb9b72ab3.jpg photo DSC_0283_zpsb514e9c2.jpg
 photo IMG_4755_zps5fbe17b1.jpg
 photo DSC_0279_zps5fbb5efe.jpg
with my cousin Rayne on my right and her cousin Jamille on my left

 photo IMG_4763_zpsbcad88a5.jpg
 photo IMG_4757_zps69d50dda.jpg
Aside from the palm trees print on my top, which by the way is the more common term for the title of this post, perhaps the color  I can associate with summer the most is white (whether white is a basic color or not as debated in some articles, for all purposes involving myself, white is a color). 

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