29 April 2014

Behind the Pink Dream House

I was entertaining myself with images of the so-called Human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, when I thought that the real albeit plastic version (I just can't stop dropping puns, sorry) appears more fascinating to me. You see, other than having an enviable drool-worthy wardrobe, she lives in the dream house, with her long-time boyfriend Ken whom she has a very public on and off relationship. Her story can easily be Googled so it is no wonder that there are interpretations of her life and relationships created by various artists. One of these artists is photographer Dina Goldstein. She has previously shot the alarmingly Fallen Princesses photos where she thought beyond the happily ever after Disney princesses were told to have. Her other work was entitled In The Dollhouse.

 photo barbie4_zps0c572059.jpg
 photo barbie3_zpsf7b7b3e8.jpg
 photo barbie2_zps2aec7a2c.jpg
 photo barbie_zps9bc4021c.jpg
 photo barbie5_zpsa1660ad8.jpg

I was amazed at how intricate the set has been. Even the models who played Barbie and Ken looked their part. They gave justice to the dolls who would forever be icons. To see the rest of the photos, click the link I provided above.

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