18 April 2011

I’m no beauty queen I’m just beautiful me

Dad, Kuya, Gio and I woke up at around 5am to prepare for our great jogging activity. We went to CCP where we jogged with the other health buffs. After around 5 laps, the three of them decided to quit. Personally, I'm no jogging - aficionado. I love exercising but jogging is not my cup of tea. I prefer doing aerobics. I told dad that I want to sweat some more and so I joined the group of people doing aerobics. That's when I had the exercise that I was hoping to have. After half an hour, I joined my brothers and dad for breakfast. It was so funny because daddy commented that we jogged for only 5 laps but we ate as much as someone who jogged for 7 laps.

Then at 5pm, we started preparing for our dinner. 

 Had our dinner at Josephine's in Tagaytay

Starbucks in Nuvali (Solenad) has the best interior among all their branches I've seen in the country.

Mommy's in Vigan the entire weekend that's why she isn't in my story.

Title's from this self-boosting song: 

I also like to take this chance to congratulate Lina Domingo for passing the qualifying exam in Accountancy. What can I say, I have an Einstein for a friend. Is it just me or am I really sensing that someone's in for a big celebratory party? :-"


  1. Gel! Ate @ Josephine`s last week too. Mhmm, the food was really good. :> And I have to say Nuvali is a pretty cool place. :) They have conti`s there eh! Anyway, I hope we could have our own adventure this summer. ;) - Hannah

  2. Gracias mi amiga. Bakit? You're going to throw me a celebratory party? That's so sweet of you. :"> :)
    You know you love me.
    Lina <3

  3. Me too Hans, I'm really looking forward to that adventure :> Oh, I sent you a message in fb, check it out. I feel so depressed! :(

    Aba Lina, among the three of us, you have the best reasons to throw a party! :) And yes, Hannah and I are just so proud of you :>


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