12 April 2011

Kid At Heart

In our family, everyone has referred to me as the one who moves the slowest. From taking a bath to riding in the car, I always manage to be the last. Oftentimes, they become very impatient. When will my brothers understand that I'm a girl? My mom has told me, a long time ago, this reminder and it has stuck with me since then: Never ever go out of the house looking unkempt. Read: untidy clothes, powder-free face and dirty nails. To prevent them from waiting for me to finish, they always see to it that I do the prepping up and the readying up the first. Good solution! 

But what do I do if I finish dressing up sooner than I expected? I cannot just throw my patience-related tantrums on my parents can I? In these rare moments (and I tell you, this is only the second time) that I have to do the waiting, I do nothing but check on them minute after minute. This time though, I made good of my time. I decided to take pictures of me instead. Sounds kind of narcissistic but still, it's a better way than sitting in the corner and mope ;)

From Apr 11, 2011
New ring from H & M - thanks, Tita! :)

When I saw these red roses, I can't help but feel all so mushy. They're gifts from my tito to tita. Sweet persons pa din sila eh!

I know a lot of persons who refrain from wearing anything that is orange. I, too, was not really friends with this color. But this summer time, I decided to add Orange to what I wear once in a while. I'm going to blog soon about this! :D

Would you believe I had my mom buy me my own Nerf? I'm eccentric, I know but I didn't know that my mom could be so supportive of my ideals. Few weeks ago, my 10-year old cousin Vince, along with my brother Gio, had a good time hunting me and my 18-year old cousin Alissa down. They had this Shoot-to-kill order that they religiously followed. To seek revenge for what they've done to us, I begged my mom to get me my own Nerf. I can't wait to be with my cousins this wednesday for another session :)

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