27 April 2011

Guess who just scored tickets of Miley Cyrus

the headless girl in purple and brown

I asked Gio nicely, with all the cherries on top, to take a picture of me and this is what he took. I get it, okay? He doesn't want to take my picture. 

But though I do not have any decent outfit picture of the day, I'm still happy. In fact, if you could just see me now, I'm beaming! I was looking for a document in my mom's cabinet when I came across with a tinsy winsy envelope. The curious cat that I am, I opened it and was surprised to see what's inside: 4 tickets for Miley Cyrus' concert in Manila this coming June. Here's the thing, I don't think I'm a fan. Not really. But I couldn't just shrug off the idea that I got so excited and worked up after knowing that she'll be having a concert here. Plus, I told myself that I'll never watch any concert that'll be held in MOA grounds because hello, it's almost impossible for me to see what's happening on the stage, being someone who's vertically challenged. As we all know, Miley's going to put up her stage there. Now I'm wondering, if I'm not really a fan, then why am I anticipating this event? And why on earth do I have those tickets? Hmm.

If you want to catch her on stage too, buy your tickets as soon as possible. Last time I checked, VIP tickets and Gold are already sold out. Hurry mi amiga!!!


  1. My ate and I asked din my little sister to take a picture of us while swimming, pero nabasa pa nya ung camera kasi ayaw nya. =)) Tsk tsk. Kids these days. -H

  2. huy! post kna ng bago :))) i'm waiting for updates in your life :))) imy... -T


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