13 April 2011

You must have known me by now

10 Random Things About ME

1. I over-think. In my spare time, I think. I remember one time, I was in a heated conversation with someone. We were starting to patch things up when I said that I would want to think about our situations first before I decide on what I want to do with us. 
"I'll think about it first" - G
"No, you can't. Talo ako pag nag-iisip ka"
I thought I'm an optimist. But because of the things that have confronted me, I found out I'm actually a pessimist. When I think, I think of all the possibilities that may happen. More often than not, I dwell on the negative side or anything that can prepare me for the worst. Self-preservation is the term, if I may be asked.

2. I seldom explain myself. Most of the time, I get misinterpreted because of my cynical and no-nonsense attitude. I laugh a lot but when it comes to being serious, I'm lost. I'm not good at explaining why I did this or why I did not do that. All I know is that, though it doesn't show, I know what I'm doing.

3. I love books! I read a lot. I allot more time in reading than checking on my facebook. My favorite teen-flick authors are Meg Cabot and Sophie Kinsella. But when I want to really think, I do Jodi Picoult's. I'm also a fan of Geronimo Stilton books and Archie Comics.

4. I'm good at disarranging things. I am a living proof that not all girls know how to clean up their mess, literally. My work stations are never seen orderly. I start doing something here then I go to another area where I start doing another until I end up finishing nothing. What's worse is, I leave the cleaning up to my beloved Ate Lea. (I'll never allow anyone to call her yaya because for me, she's more more more than that).

5. I put on my night guard every time I sleep. I have this habit of grinding my teeth when I sleep. So before my teeth completely get damaged, I  remedy it in the form of a night guard. My older brother told me once that the real remedy for those who grind their teeth is a mean slap on the face. I'm afraid I don't want to test his theory's validity.

6. My favorite channels include Animal Planet, History Channel and Biography Channel. But my favorite shows are How I Met Your Mother, Phineas and Ferb, and The Simpsons.

7. I have my parents buy me things from home TV shopping but the moment the equipment arrive, I lose interest in them. Take my sewing machine and Ab-rocket for examples. After a day or two, they lay untouched either under my bed or in the bodega. There are two things that are useful to my parents up to now though: the Miracle Blades and the Iron Steam, which they bought after my non-stop persuasion once again.

8. I can't sleep without a glass of hot choco or milk tea. Sometimes, mommy prepares fresh calamansi juice with honey as substitute. I'm on the way to becoming an insomniac. Oftentimes, I find myself staring at the blank ceiling for hours. If the hot choco, milk tea or calamansi juice fail, I cry. It's so weird but it always works for me.

9. I wear clothes from the wardrobes of my Kuya, Mommy and Daddy. Gio sees to it that his cabinets and drawers are always locked for fear of having been invaded by the great old me. I borrow their clothes but I don't lend mine. How selfish :)) I don't like lending because I usually forget the things I lent and to whom I lent them. I have a poor memory, to my dismay. Some of my clothes can be seen in mommy and kuya's cabinets. Just so I can make sure that they won't lock up on me.

10. I am afraid of ghosts. There was this night when even after deliberate attempts of shutting the scary images off my brain, I still have goosebumps. Being the little girl (both literally and figuratively) that I am, I hurriedly turned off the aircon, brought my pillows and woke up my parents, and asked them if I could join them as they sleep. Let me share with you the deeper roots that caused my scaredy-cat self to resurface again. I have this tita who studies under Jaime Licauco, a world-renowned parapsychologist. She said that the image I saw when I was in 1st year HS was really out of the ordinary. It was indeed an apparition, for she too had seen the very same image. I don't want to experience that again!!!

P.S. For 3 days now, going to 4 tomorrow, I'm alone! My brothers and dad are staying in Alabang while I'm in Manila with Mommy. I'm starting to go crazy!

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