20 March 2011

Friend Files: The Good Influence

"A friend is someone who will always be with you through thick and thin."

When I talk, she listens. When I whine, she understands. When I'm sad, she makes me happy. When I smile, she instantly knows why. When I shout in frustration, she makes sure everyone can 'hear' my anger. When there's a homework, she reminds me to do them. When I do something wrong, she covers up for me. When I'm late, she signs the attendance paper for me. When I failed to do what I have to do, she does something to remedy it. When someone badmouths me, she sticks up for me. When I start a fight with someone else, she fights with me. When I'm losing all reasons to go to school, she tells me things that can get me back on track. When I'm becoming impatient, she becomes too kind, so kind that I would rather laugh at what's wasting my time than continue wishing for that something to evaporate. When I'm losing faith in myself, she reminds me of things that can make me thankful for (no false humility intended). But when she tells me to shut up, I shut up.

Everything she does results to something that would benefit me. With her, I feel like I have to do the right thing. That I have to be able to distinguish what is just from what I think is just. That I have to be the better version of myself. And oddly enough, she made me realize I love doing the right things. That there really is an appropriate time for everything :)


She is Kristina Chan.


  1. gellie!!!!!!!! you're the sweetest! muntik nko maiyak sau ah! :) you really made my day.. ily gel! ♥

  2. agree! pag andyan si tin nakakahiya gumawa ng mali. hihihiih. we love you tin! You help us become better people. TIN FOR PRESIDENT. HAHAHA -Hannah

    P.S. I check your blog parati oh. :"> How supportive of me talaga.

  3. uyyy, subscriber na rin ako, gels. :> pero si tin rin nagsisimula sa mga pang-asar kay debo. :)) we love you debo! :))- lina


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