31 March 2011

All those Green Icky Stuff


I am so proud of myself. Very, very, very proud. Today marks the 31st day of my journey in becoming a vegetarian. I haven't eaten any pork, beef and chicken since the eve of February 28. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to accomplish my then month-long goal because I tell you when you see my brothers eat, you'll think that they're having their last meal on Earth. But I was able to resist. It amazed me knowing that I have quite a good hold on myself.

Honeydew Melons - my favorite fruit google.com
Potato Chips? I think I'll pass. google.com
I'm not a Vegan, I'm only a Vegetarian. There's a difference. I don't eat meat, pork or any poultry but I eat seafood, eggs, and dairy products. I eat veggies too, on a daily basis. I love fruits so very much. The trick in eating fruits is, you should only eat one kind at a time. For example you want honeydews, then you should stick with honeydews alone. This is the mono diet ;) I don't necessarily detest potatoes but I don't eat them if they're fried. Even potato chips are a no no. I have been observing this potato craze since last year. So yes, I haven't eaten fries since last year.

So, what kinds of food do I eat now, you might ask. Here they are:

Vegetarian Mexican food - I love Mexican foods! The cheesier, the better google.com
Another of my favorites: maki rolls. Teriyaki Boy serves sumptuous vegetarian makis. google.com
My breakfast is usually composed of my favorite cereals, Fruit Loops, an apple and a glass of milk google.com
I can't let go of my favorite junk food google.com
Even ice cream, I still eat.
So you see, it's not all salad and all those green icky stuff. Besides, I'm doing those animals I do not anymore eat a favor, don't I? :)

P.S. Before trying becoming a Vegetarian, consult your dietitian first :)

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  1. omg i love sushi and fruitloops too ahaha!! and i tried going vegetarian but its too hard and i love sushi, so now im a pescetarian :)


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