14 March 2011

Curse of Gab

You might have noticed that I've been talking in riddles in my past entries. Truth is, I want to share something about my thoughts without revealing too much for fear of hurting someone unintentionally again. My tongue can cause the death of me.

I would be talking randomly from hereon. If you want to catch up, better put your seatbelts on.

1. On to today's post.


2. I have just found an easy way to get things done: online shopping. Just last week, I was able to purchase things from two different online shops (Trunkshow and Flatterbuy). And if I will get extra lucky, I'm going to be able to ship in some more stuff this week. If you want to try this whole online shopping craze, I suggest you try leafing through Style Bible's The Mall first.

3. Just awhile ago, I had my lunch with Dacs and Riva. It was one fun lunch date :)


4. Let us pray for Japan that they may be able to recover fast from the tragedy that has hit them. Amidst their struggle, I still felt how powerful and strong their country is. Had the tsunami struck the Philippines instead, I bet the number of casualties would have been doubled.


  1. hi gianella, can i post your pic on my sites? fb and multiply?


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