22 January 2015

Le Prince et Sa Rose

Aside from the certificate delivered to my house, I have no other proof that I studied French. There are problems in my schedule presently but as soon as everything's sorted out, I'll enrol in Alliance Française de Manille once more just because I want to fully understand the upcoming Le Petit Prince film without needing subtitles. What? That's a valid reason, right?

“A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.” 
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Dress: from Hong Kong | Coat: from London | Tights: Topshop | Ankle boots: H&M

I'll attempt to write an entire paragraph in French because I'm a pretentious girl who insists she's slowly becoming multilingual. Hahahahaha.
  On y va!

C'est comiqe quand je vois les articles dans l'internet quelque leçons j'aurais dû quand je plus jeune. 
Parce que quand vous etes nouvel, vous preferez le faires votre façon. Il y a ne pas de consequences depuis vous croyez vous avez tout le temps dans le monde. Certainement je ne aurais pas ècoutè. J'etais dix-neuf une fois aussi. Ja'i fait le plus grandes erreurs de ma vie puis. (Oh my gosh, if there's any way that I can use the numbers from one to a hundred, one thousand, and one million, I would have done it. I had to memorize them for a day's activity then

“Well, I must endure the presence of a few caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies.” 

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Avec mes favoris garçons dans le monde: mes deux freres et mon pere

Ma conjugaison est terrible. Aussi ma grammaire. J'ai pour etudier francaise immediatement. Qui vous déjà savez si vous comprenez cela. J'ai essaye ne pas utiliser les apps dans mon telephone et le Google Translate. J'ai utilisè les notes dans mon cahier. C'etait difficile. Mais je veux faire ce à nouveau. 

Since I only know the basic, I normally always try to identify the standard form of the words in Le Petit Prince. It's the first novel I'm reading that's not written in either English nor Filipino. I cannot fully converse even if I'll only have to listen to the other party because I only pick up a few familiar words. I'm starting with reading but hey give me time and I might be able to babble and rant endlessly one day! For now, I'm leaving these photos which I worked on (and my professor, Ms. Yolie, corrected) months ago. The activity was to assume a different personality. Try to extricate the vrai from the faux. Bonne chance!

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Je suis passionnèe par l'art et ses reprèsentations mètaphoriques.
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Told you so, there are French who actually chanced upon my blog Hahahahaha Je suis très heureux, merci beaucoup!! :) photo DSC_0410_zps6078bccb.jpg

All quotes are from The Little Prince. I'll write about my thoughts on both the book and the film after watching it.

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