01 February 2015

I Know What We're Going to Do Today!

Whoever thought they'll eventually outgrow their fixation on children shows should un-think this resolution. It's impossible. Probably they may lessen their daily serving because the show has finished its run or because they do not approve of the new changes or their schedule doesn't allow them to catch the shows on TV  but one day, when they stumble upon remnants of it, they will immediately fall back into its claws once more. I know so because even though I'm already in my early twenties, I have to have a fix of Phineas and Ferb.

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Dress: River Island | Shoes: Mango | Flower headband: Forever21 | Necklace: Ever New (thanks S!)

My cousin Jesse (Isabella's nickname is Jesse because she's born on December 25th) flew all the way from Australia to Manila to celebrate her first birthday with her family and relatives here. That is, after she celebrated plenty of times back home. (Tsk tsk. Kids these days are dethroning me in my birthday-associated spendthrift ways Hahahaha) Her party here was held in One Corporate Centre function room which the management, headed by one of my mom's best friends Tita Weng, decorated very appropriately. Hence, I couldn't stop from gushing about my admiration for the well-detailed party. I was wearing a floral headband when I entered the room which proved to be a wise choice since there were lots of accessories to choose from to be in one with the theme. One of which is the array of floral headbands and hair ties.

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with cousin Jesse and her mom, Tita Imee

I've been watching Phineas and Ferb since I was in High School. I was gripped the moment Phineas reasoned, "The Stone Age was once the future, as was the Middle Ages. Creativity and inventions never end!" The word play in the dialogues, the tactful insults, and the musical productions (oh where do I even begin with the beautiful and melodious musical productions?!!) - I'm in awe of all of them. As Baljeet said in one episode, 'it is gratifyingly erudite.' I figured, it would've been a really fun life if you're surrounded by people whom you can constantly exchange witty remarks with.

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Weeks ago, I was in Disneyland with my family, grandmom, and my cousins and their family. I successfully convinced myself to not buy anything from the stores save for gifts to give for my goddaughters Paris and Martina but along the way, I saw this Perry the Platypus hat. It's non-negotiable, I had to have it! (Oh yeah, remember this place from this POST?)

On that note, hearing news about Phineas and Ferb's new look is making me anxious but definitely in the most positive way!

video source

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Trust my words, this won't be the last time I'll post about Phineas and Ferb and their friends. I would've written more but I'm in a hurry. I only have 30 minutes to change and dress up for tonight's Beauty and the Beast show! I can go there wearing this outfit but I've prepared a more suitable Belle outfit. The shallow person in me is grinning Hahaha Ta-ta for now!

Title's Phineas' famous line.

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