08 January 2015

Sentimental Man

To be fair, I'm not neglecting the blog because I'm lazy. It's just that, I've disappointingly crossed the border that divides interesting stories from sentences that are merely "a play on words without actual substance" (The quoted phrase is an idea that I've read or heard somewhere). No matter how mediocre I've been for the past years, there has to be a limit on how mediocre I can become. Haha!

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Long cardigan used as dress: H&M | Belt: Topshop | Leather Pants: Topshop | Leather ankle boots: H&M

Maybe it's because I've seen some classmates back in college who were automatically given a 0.0 in their term grades after being proven to have plagiarized even just a paragraph in their reports that I'm a strict observer of citation. I try my best to give credits to others whenever I use parcels of their intellectual property. If there's anything that I can be proud of in all my posts here (which to be frank is not much), it's that, I try to be as original and creative as I can. Of course let's factor in mediocrity since it's slowly getting embedded in my system. Between the two evils, I'd rather be mediocre than an intellectual thief slash pretentious know-it-all slash "how on earth can you possibly jump from senseless ranter to a keen observer?" (the quoted phrase is mine this time).

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Sneakers: Adidas
While shopping around Mong Kok, I couldn't anymore hold in the pain so I had to bully my Dad into buying me a pair of rubber shoes. 

I'm not the most sentimental person out there because farewells make me as sad as the next person so although I'm in my usual enthusiastic self in the company of others, I exercise restraint. I've learned long ago that we all end up disappointing someone dear to us at some point. It's inevitable. What we can do to counter it is to choose whom we'd like to invest in. Halt, stop right there! The thought I'm trying to drive at might sound familiar but it's only because there's a disclaimer in all creative and original pursuits. Often, a single thought is expanded and rewritten into different forms or wordings causing one to assert, "it's just semantics!" but always look closer as varying possibilities lie in the details. I don't want to get too technical now since I don't have enough sound arguments in this matter and I want to continue talking about me. Hahahaha!

Anyway, it's my birthday today so cut me some slack and just pretend you've read a rather amusing entry. My brain is failing me.

Title's from Wicked

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