16 May 2014

I am horribly limited

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Blazer: vintage from my grandmom | Black mullet skirt used as top: Zara | Black belt and shorts: Forever 21 | Shoes: Aldo | Watch: Anne Klein | Necklace: Promod

It is incredibly frustrating when you know that there exist within you endless possibilities yet at the same time, there is a force that restricts you from actually becoming them. That, or you're overestimating your worth and underestimating life's perils. 

 Perhaps I haven't ran into the impenetrable wall of reality just yet that's why my head is still high above the clouds making me believe that I still have all the seas waiting to be conquered. But let it be known that I'm already panicking because I still haven't done anything concrete to actualize my dreams. Applying for internships that I would like to take part in and awaiting their confirmation don't exactly satiate my desire to move forward. 2014 is by far the most exciting year of my 20s as it marks my transition from student to career woman although I'm not discounting the fact that in less than 5 years, I might be a student once more. But at the rate things are going - add my trying patience to the mix - I  wish there's something I can do to speed things up.

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Of course never take out of the equation my tendency to be melodramatic. I want changes in my career status at this instance but during the day, when I'm out somewhere either with my family or friends, I'm glad that I'm technically relieved of responsibilities save from the "workload" involved in my dad's business where I function as his executive assistant. Temporarily, that is.

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We celebrated my older brother's birthday in Bellevue Hotel. As usual, it's been a delight to sample another buffet restaurant in the city. The dessert bars were incredible and satisfying but the entrees, although simple yet delicious, seemed to be composed of limited choices. At least, that's what I've observed when compared to buffet restaurants of other hotels.

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