29 May 2014

Ladies Who Do No Wrong: Ulyana Sergeenko

I have utmost respect for the Russian fashion pack who seems to be dominating the scene one fashion show after another. I've already posted photos about my favorite among them HERE so for this post, it's going to be about the most melodramatic of them - Ulyana Sergeenko.

The kind of aesthetic that she possesses demands a designer whose vision is equally as theatrical as her.  Proving that style as eccentric and grandiose as hers is difficult to just chance upon, she has launched an eponymous line which I am a voracious follower of (albeit non-paying admirer as I have no enough dispensable cash to buy any of her creations). She always looks as though she's come from the old Russian empire where the Czars and Czarinas ruled the land. Even her 'casual' attire looks couture. How can I not love a walking piece of fairy tale?

 photo ulya5_zpsd8d05d4d.jpg photo ulya7_zps9d5653c1.jpg
 photo ulya22_zps7fa26931.jpg photo ulya8_zps26466a88.jpg
 photo ulya6_zps7c5c40e8.jpg photo ulya19_zps18f05324.jpg
 photo ulya12_zps5fc11449.jpg photo ulya10_zps42e9ec13.jpg
 photo ulya13_zpsab36764f.jpg photo ulya16_zps91d0983a.jpg
 photo ulya11_zps63dc5cf1.jpg photo ulya14_zpsb878f84d.jpg
 photo ulya17_zpsb1b66402.jpg photo ulya3_zps462f9092.jpg
 photo ulya_zps94979d23.jpg photo ulya2_zps0dd5cc15.jpg
 photo ulya15_zps35b80749.jpg photo ulya9_zpsec15e058.jpg

All photos from The Multi-Hyphenates

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