24 May 2014

Travel Philippines: San Juan, La Union

Watch Out For The Waves

Recently (in my blog's dictionary, 'recent' means having commenced at least a week before), I went to San Juan, La Union with my beach buddies Jana Medel and Karen Soledad. I have to be checked; why on Earth do I dare to wear bikini in the company of these two.

 photo IMG_4900_zps74092135.jpg
We were there for an overnight trip to learn how to surf. I don't know how to swim but I'm not afraid of being engulfed by the waves. Besides, I love doing water sports. I'm mostly found under water than on the vehicle or equipment but so what. Just thinking of having ears that will slightly get blocked once water enters or nose that will get painful once stuffed with water, I'm sold. Haha!

 photo IMG_4907_zpse36fa65b.jpg
Of all the photos that were taken of me, I only have 2 decent photographs that captured my attempt at staying on top of the board. The others showed how I fell from it. My instructor brought me to the deeper parts away from my two other buddies perhaps so that I'll rely on no one's words but his.

 photo IMG_4917_zps993e3fd9.jpg photo IMG_4911_zpsfd60874e.jpg
 photo IMG_4908_zps5d0d1100.jpg photo IMG_4921_zpsab6139b1.jpg
 photo IMG_4885_zpsb402ccb6.jpg photo IMG_4884_zps90b9269b.jpg
 photo IMG_4894_zps6a960b38.jpg photo IMG_4892_zps6b68e9b6.jpg
Of course, as the sun sets in and the food gets eaten, out came the drinks over a few games with consequences. We stayed in San Juan Surf Resort. I think it's recently opened but its service, food, and accommodation are recommendable.

 photo IMG_4925_zps44451007.jpg photo IMG_4909_zps5f3214c9.jpg
I brought the O'Neill rash guard as I don't want to borrow from the wetsuit reserve of the resort. At the end of the day, it was only me who had a problem with her skin color. My arms were halved into darker and lighter sides. I looked like I'm wearing black gloves according to my friends. Oh well, charge it to surfing experience!

 photo IMG_4923_zpse8594806.jpg photo IMG_4928_zps55c58507.jpg
The breakfast of champions!

 photo IMG_4916_zpse7a0d87d.jpg
Thanks for the photos, M!

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