24 May 2014

Kicking It Old School

I seldom publish entries that are only about what I did with my friends on a certain night. Especially if it's only the usual drinking sessions. With the exception, of course, if it's my birthday that we're celebrating. Anyway. These photos were taken last 25 April at my best friend from elementary's house. The last time I saw all of my classmates from elementary, I was on the stage receiving my diploma for having graduated 6th grade. When my best friend invited me to attend her send-off party (as she's about to migrate to US come 5th of May), I was hesitant. I haven't had any decent conversation with any of them let alone have quick Hi - Hello chats with the rest. I didn't know how I'm going to act around them. Granted that most of the attendees that night were my close friends as well, I couldn't discount the fact that we were close friends when we were practically starting to jump from being loud playful grade-schoolers to shy awkward teens. Who knows what happened to each of us the rest of our High School and college lives. But I figured, her despedida party wouldn't only be a venue for me to wish her well but also remind the others that I'm not as distant as they were accusing me of. (Trust me, I'm not really aloof. I just happen to function in a time-zone of my own where universal time is normally suspended. Haha!) 

 photo IMG_4833_zps7cd7c9be.jpg photo IMG_4815_zpsd44404d3.jpg
 photo IMG_4844_zps7248025e.jpg photo IMG_4839_zps005dc888.jpg
 photo IMG_4827_zpsf7397a54.jpg photo IMG_4831_zps5f78a1d5.jpg
 photo IMG_4805_zps1d573476.jpg photo IMG_4791_zps89b17df5.jpg
 photo IMG_4847_zpsa7e3ebe3.jpg
Thanks for all the photos, Tin!!!

It was awkward at first. But you know what I ultimately realized? There was a reason we became friends in the first place. And that's it's because of them that I enjoyed my elementary life. I kind of regret not doing this earlier. It's always been a riot with them. I guess it's going to be like that forever :)

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