27 May 2014

These Tardy Sets

Dang! What has happened to time, really. We're nearing the half of the year yet here I am, publishing sets taken last year. I've only a few principles in life like "better late than never", "to each his own", "the end justifies the means", "better late than never", "it doesn't matter how you started. It's how you finished". Did I mention "better late than never"?

 photo 26_zpse7c73e9e.jpg
For my cousin Ezra's first birthday who lives in the US, my mom ordered personalized headbands to serve as one of her souvenirs for those who attended her party. Here I am wearing one which was the focal point of what I wore when I met up with my friends. 
Floral cardigan: Topshop | Flats: from Vietnam | Gold tank top: La Senza | Shorts: Topshop | Ring: from Thailand | Necklace: from Macau

 photo 27_zpsc0610bb8.jpg
For dinner with my family, I got to wear this animal-printed set which I bought during my class' excursion to Thailand. I don't have plenty of clothes, in my opinion, so it's a wonder that I forget some of the stuff that I've already bought. This set has been lying in my wardrobe for a year before I finally noticed it.
Top and shorts set: from Thailand | Necklace: from Thailand | Shoes: CMG | Belt: Mango | Ring: Guess

 photo 25_zpsa8c7dd73.jpg
Top: Giordano | Spectacles: H&M | Belt: Levi's | Skirt: Zara | Shoes: from Vietnam | Bangle: Aldo
 photo 24_zps3c950cb3.jpg
Cap: Adidas | Poncho top: from Macau | Bag: Tommy Hilfiger | Shorts: Zara | Shoes: Mango | Ring: H&M
I wore both sets during grocery trips. I absolutely enjoy doing the grocery, provided of course that my mom is with me as I hate buying house stuff with on a tight budget.

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  1. Love all of these looks :) especially the first! The head band is so cute.

    Haaappy Spring!
    Hailes Hearts Fashion.


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