16 May 2013

Psychedelic Princess on a Magic Carpet Ride

Wouldn't it be great if we can escape from all the shackles that are hindering the realization of our visions? That at the slightest possibility of running away, we can just grab that chance and leave everything else behind? To just be the flower child some of us dream of becoming? Careless, spirited, and free. Always free.

She's a psychedelic princess
On a magic carpet ride
And where her trip will carry you
Is somewhere you can't find

She's on a plane to higher consciousness
Meditation is the key
She's got her shit together
'Cause her mind and soul are free, free!
- Flower Child by Lenny Kravitz

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 photo 3-6_zps5b0f9c14.jpg
A lot of people I personally know celebrate their birthday on 10th of May, including my best friend from elementary and my older brother. So it's impossible for that day to be uneventful for me. My family had an eat-all-you-can, or rather beef-all-you-can, dinner in Tajimaya as  per the celebrant's request. I've never eaten as much as I did that night in the entire length of summer 2013 because, well, because who in their right mind would eat like a hippopotamus and expect their bodies would not feel like exploding after? But all those grilled strips of beef, bratwursts, pork, and chicken were too delicious to pass. Especially the beef. I threw all tummy bump-warnings in the air and thought that I will not go to another eat-all-you-can affair for the remaining duration of summer as a way of making it up to my exercise-phobic body. Only to realize that I've spoken too soon. More about that on the next posts ;)

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 I was extra lazy to dress up that night so I've decided to continue on with my "no-heels" policy. Luckily, as I was looking for something decent to wear, I saw this flower headband which immediately came to be the "center piece" of my night. What was supposed to be a lazy dress up actually made it into my favorite list.

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 photo IMG_1413-2_zpsc806cd87.jpg
White flowy top: Zara| Black high waisted shorts: from my friend Jana Medel| Red Flats: Gap| Earrings: Aldo| Flower headband: Forever 21| Rings: from Divisoria, Aldo, Mango

Escape, in whatever form, is clothed cowardice. Though it's liberating to run away or simply withdraw from our problems, in the end we weren't able to fix the main predicament. Should one day a similar issue arise, all those bottled emotions would come running straight to us, creating damages that are no longer repairable. So the issue of leaving everything behind is something that has to remain a what if. It's tempting but at the end of it all, it's impossible not to get damaged by such decision. Everything around us is our responsibility. The sooner we accept this, the easier for us to face problems head on. 


  1. I really like that flowy blouse you're wearing. it looks great with those classic black shorts.. and those fierce statement earrings! oh and your girly flower headband adds great versatility to this rather formal ensemble ;)
    by the way, all that talk about food makes me sooo hungry!!! :D

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. You look sooo adorable. This really suits you!!!! So pretty!!


  3. Bella!
    You have an interesting blog
    Let's follow each other through GFC :)

    Danica Stark

  4. Hey I'm looking forward to your posts. Keep up hun!

    Personal Style Blog

  5. Why are you not blogging anymore :(


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