10 May 2013

Events Planner

Currently, my friends and I are trying to come up with plenty of DIY projects and crafts. All 6 of us have assigned tasks to each other by asking "What's your use?" That's the thing with friends. You can practically ask them anything under the sun without thinking if they're going to be offended.

We wanted to put personal touches on even the littlest of details so when we brainstorm, it's like waging a war against each other. Nothing's set on stone yet cause when something is about to be agreed upon, a better idea always comes up. I tried to do research on my own when I went home. I was about to look for ideas in Pinterest when I saw my cousins' pictures in my newsfeed in Facebook. It's slipped my mind that my Tita Cay, mom of my three first cousins, is a master events planner and a DIY queen. If I make birthday celebrations and other events a big thing, she makes it the event of the year. Unlike me who prefers paying for a venue where my party is going to take place and paying for catering services, she makes it a point that everything is personal. She starts everything from scratch, including the venue which is always at their home. She does magic. As for the food, well, when you have in your midst Wawa Lucette, trust me when I say that the food will always taste superb! Let me share with you some of her works:

1. Elija's 3rd birthday celebration last 8 April 2013.
 photo 4-8_zps6e5c8c66.jpg
 photo 3-6_zps182e1963.jpg
Theme: Pirates
Instead of having the usual photobooth, they DIY-ed the pirate ship using Caoume's piano box, filled it with balloons and no one would ever know it was just from a recycled box. The giveaway loots were the black pirate bags. They served 13 dishes, including the 3 desserts. 

2. Ezy's baptism last 24 February 2013.
 photo 5-4_zpsc8e6003f.jpg
For the giveaways to the godparents, Tita Cay printed their pictures on these white fluffy pillows. For the other guests, she rolled colorful towels and inserted them in these tumblers making them appear like sundaes. They transformed one part of the basement into playing corner for the little ones. They prepared 13 different dishes. 

3. Caoume's 6th birthday party in June 2012
 photo 6-5_zps562e9ef5.jpg
 photo 7-5_zps597bcb37.jpg
Theme: Western
The last time they were here in the country, Caoume was telling me all about this. She kept on telling me that she'll be inviting all her other medium-kid friends. Upon entering their home, the children were handed shirts to wear. Caoume was so pretty and such a stand-out, it actually gave me an idea to try this in the future too! Her giveaways were, aside from the shirt, foldable water bottles. There were different prizes in her cart which was good since her friends were all very energetic. They set up the inflatables too. See, even the cake was a DIY. 

4. Elija's 2nd birthday party in 2012
 photo 9-2_zps203b337f.jpg
 photo 10-2_zps9a59490b.jpg
Theme: Angry Birds
His birthday coincided with Easter Sunday so they decided to include the easter egg hunt as part of the games. All the children were in search of the lucky eggs, which in the end they also had to paint. Instead of having goody bags, they were given angry birds bags where they will put the eggs that they've found.

5. Caoume's 5th birthday party in 2011
 photo 11-2_zps59bb6bfb.jpg
 photo 12_zpsacba86cf.jpg
Theme: Under the Sea
In the backyard of the Valles, their very own waterpark was set up! The medium-kids had fun swimming and taking turns in the slide while the toddlers had fun in the inflatables and riding their plastic cars.

6. Elija's 1st birthday party
 photo 22_zps40a8b401.jpg
 photo 21_zps16ec530d.jpg
Theme: Indian
This baby boy's energy is that of Hubert, Hamish, and Harris' (triplets from Brave) combined. He's such a bundle of joy! For his first birthday, Tita Cay sent invitations and thank you notes to their guests. The loots included cute pacifiers and the ref magnet bearing Elija's adorable face.

Even though those cuties are continents away from me, seeing their pictures always bring a smile to my face. They remind me so much of Merida and the triplets from the movie Brave, what with their curly hair and naughtiness. It's now time for me to plan that party for my friend! I'll post the preparation and the outcome here one of these days. I'm so excited to be one of the party planners :)

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