11 May 2013


Dresses always have a way of saving the day, don't you think so? Even the laziest of days, which is so common for me as I really have the tendency to slack off, become not so lazy anymore when you throw on that cute little dress matched with that cute little pair of shoes. Finish off with a few accessories and that statement bag and voila, you're good to go!
 photo 1-8_zps1716a693.jpg
Dress and spiked cuff: from Bangkok| Shoes and ring: Aldo| Bag: Vivienne Westwood

My 4 year old cousin Rayne graduated from Nursery last 23rd of March. Being the stage cousin that I am, I made sure I'll be there. Besides, I only have two first cousins here in the country to spoil so might as well go all out right? Remember this post? The dress I wore there belongs to her. If I'm a dwarf, she's a giant! She's one of the youngest in her class yet during the performances in her graduation, she was assigned to be with the 1st graders. Cute.
 photo 67543_10201252886231310_536457883_n_zpse35b3672.jpg

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  1. oh wow, she definitely doesn't look only 4 :O more like 7 or something like that. definitely a little lady :) anyway, you're right about dresses! and you totally nailed that outfit.

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