09 May 2013

Travel Philippines: Boracay, Kalibo, Aklan

Arrived with Excitement, Left in Need of Psychiatrist

If someone would hire me as an advertiser, or a marketer for that matter, of the summer paradise of the Philippines known as Boracay, I would greatly capitalize on what I've written as my title. I wish I can share photos that show the beauty of the place with the natural sunlight highlighting the powdery white sand or the clear blue waters but I guess we all have to settle for second best: seeing Bora's take once the sun sets in. It's magical, but in a spectrum different from what beaches are normally admired for. I brought my trusty camera along, after too much pestering from my two close friends Karen Soledad and Jana Medel, but it had to take backstage most of the time because we were too lazy to carry it around and stop from time to time just to take a snapshot of our background or what we were wearing. I mean, I'm aware that I'm big with documentation and everything that goes with it but only IF I'm with someone who's willing to do it for me. If it's me who'll be inconvenienced, it's as good as saying PASS. Sorry, I'm not really the nicest person out there. Harhar!
 photo IMG_1269-2_zps5f36a03c.jpg
 photo IMG_1117-2_zps1b6f423f.jpg
My personal record of functioning for 37 hours straight without sleeping was bested during this trip. My best friend and I unthinkingly booked for the most impossible flights going to and from our destination causing us stress, frustration, and more expenses. We learned the hard way that there's such thing as wise saving up and bad way to do it. The money that we thought we've successfully saved up by choosing early morning flights wasn't enough to compensate for all the agonizing conditions it had put us under. All in all, S and I didn't sleep for almost 50 hours straight. No kidding.
 photo 17-1_zps38980f0b.jpg
 photo 15_zps1e8b99ea.jpg
 photo 16-1_zps2f6c3ed5.jpg
 photo 20_zps1c0fb4d8.jpg
 photo 19-1_zps8e79073e.jpg
 photo 14_zpseea01f81.jpg
 photo 18-1_zps6aacb907.jpg
 photo 13-1_zpsd93b8939.jpg

We were supposed to Cliff Dive but after doing this activity called Flying Fish, every thought of trying another activity fled our minds. This was insane! If you've never tried somersaulting, then try this.

We stayed there for almost 6 days and let me tell you I didn't get tanned. I got dark!!! We met plenty of familiar faces who are also from Taft. That's what's so good with this place. Anywhere you'll go, you'll bump into someone whom you're only acquaintances with in average day but whatever's holding you back from befriending them instantly vanishes with just a few swigs of good drinks. Just like my experience in this place with Jana a few years ago, I enjoyed immensely. A lot of things happened that until now, or maybe even forever, will haunt my friends and I. There were a few faulty decisions but in the end, I cannot bring myself to regret them. After all, I just let myself get immersed in the magic of the place :)
Bikini Day1: Cache Cache| Bikini Day3: Dorothy Perkins| Bikini Day4: Topshop
Romper worn in Night1: Zara
Top worn in Night2: La Senza| Shorts: from my mom's closet
Bandeau worn in Night3: Forever21| Knitted top: Apple&Eve| High-waisted striped shorts: Topshop
Black top with heart details worn in Night4: Zara| Shorts: Zara
Slippers: Havaianas| Brown bag: Fossil| Shades: Aldo

So anyway, to make up for the lack of posts, I'd be publishing long entries every now and then. Let's get started!

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  1. well, we are having +25 degrees C these days but I must work so "yay" for me, right? ;) so yeah, I can only dream about something like the activities those pictures show. and it's hard, to be honest but what can you do, that's life. I'm glad you and the other girls enjoyed yourselves though! looks like a dream vacation :)

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