25 July 2013

Travel Philippines: Hacienda Escudero

My midterms for my last academic term in college has already passed and I already have an idea how I fared so far. In some subjects, I am flourishing while in some, I am still in the tiring see-saw stage. It's my fault, really. I wasn't able to attend the first two weeks of the term because the clinic held up my clearance. But anyway, since when did I ever have a smooth-sailing beginning of the term right? I'm so used to hassles and inconveniences that I would soon declare them as my middle names. I've plenty of weak points too you know. Haha! Honestly, I've decided to resume maintaining this virtual diary on December, the day after I'm done with my thesis and OJT. But I decided to put my virtual life on full resume button now because I've proven to myself that above all else, I make myself happy when I see some semblance of progress in my life through published posts. It's like whenever I open my page and read some of my posts, I get to relive the experience I've had. The tip of the iceberg? It's when I start reading or hearing the comments that I never thought would come my way. (wink wink)

Because I've been out for so long, there are plenty of stories in pictures ready for viewing. Here's the first batch of photos. Since my last post was about my brother's birthday, let me continue with the second part of his celebration. The following pictures were taken in Hacienda Escudero last May.

 photo IMG_2797-2_zps8310ca9b.jpg
 photo IMG_2737_zpse863e6ab.jpg
 photo IMG_2743_zps0813e3b9.jpg
My cousin Rayne was in her element when this picture was taken. Meaning, she's in her "I want to ride that raft. If not, I'd throw tantrums" mood. Hahaha
 photo 400775_10151629376204241_1951821450_n_zpsb8d4159b.jpg
 photo 306952_10151629375979241_295376951_n_zps74dd246f.jpg
Check out the room I shared with my grandmom
 photo IMG_2798-2_zpsc0134917.jpg
 photo IMG_2746_zps2a73a8a6.jpg
 photo IMG_2776_zpse1578f04.jpg
 photo IMG_2730-2_zps68668a28.jpg

Wondering why the photos seem to be familiar? Perhaps it's because of THIS and THIS.
Want to know the other reason why I immediately went back to publishing stories again? It's because my vocabulary is kind of getting rusty. Hahaha

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