29 August 2012

The World Will Move On, Even If You Don't

Hours before Tito Roy died, I was talking to him in the ICU. I knew he was about to die. One of the nurses approached us and right there in front of me, his blood pressure was taken. How can I stop my tears from falling down when I've seen it for myself - the 60/20 BP. It was like the resounding question in my head was answered. "Is Tito really dead?". Here, his BP reads 60/20. I went out of the room thinking how will life move on? How can we all move on without him? Is it even possible to move on at all? Then coming out of a different room was a group of nurses. They were holding their lunchboxes and they were giggling. I found out, the rest of the world has moved on already. Perhaps the world didn't even stop just to mourn with me. 

Top: Zara| Sunnies: Prada (I borrowed from my Tita)| Skirt: Zara

Tito Roy got what he wished for - he was cremated. 5 days after his death, his cremation took place. All the while, I was observing Nanay. She broke down but she also managed to compose herself. It's truly never fair for parents to outlive their children. Never. Going back to the question, how does life go on from here? I think, I've somehow answered this already. The day after Tito Roy's cremation, my family went to Quezon province to commemorate my maternal grandfather's first death anniversary and to celebrate my great grandmom's 85th birthday. I guess life really has to go on. But as much as I can, I will always look for something that will remind me of Tito Roy. I will forever hold him dear to my heart.


  1. Amazing skirt!!!

  2. I'm glad you write these sentiments about him.

  3. Beautiful outfit.*_*
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    Maybe follow each other???

  4. I'm so sorry, dear! it's heartbreaking when things like that happen but I hope you are slightly feeling better and knowing he will watch over you from a better place. I'm sure he wants you to be happy :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. Thanks,for the follow.<3<3<3
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