28 February 2011

Some kind of brother

Just this weekend, my younger brother Gio who's on his third year in High School asked me to accompany him in looking for a tux. I thought it was for nothing special, just a product of his developing love for fancy clothes. You see, he's much more brand conscious than I am! The difference when shopping between the two of us though (which surprises me too) is that, he can pay for more than half of his purchases as compared to me, who shed hard-worked money only when my beautiful eyes - effect doesn't work on any of my parents. I need to know his secret on how he budgets his allowance. Enough of revealing my usual state of bankruptcy. As I was saying, we found the perfect tux that he's looking for in Onesimus. I didn't give him any advice on which to pick nor did I object on his choices. The moment he laid his eyes on these polo-tux, cuff links, and the coat itself, he didn't bother looking at another anymore. I wish I could be as decisive as him when it comes to buying. So here's the reason for the immediate tux-hunting: Gio is going to attend his prom. In fact, his prom has already been held last Saturday. So what do you think, do we have the same taste in clothes or what? :)

Meet Gio

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