12 February 2011

Valentines is for all the lovers out there

Technically speaking, Valentines Day is made for everyone who loves someone. And the way I see it, love for oneself counts. So to everyone out there whose love for oneself is greater than their love for someone else, cheers!

Oh my, I'm old for Disney princesses but come on, cut me some slack. I really love watching them. Hahaha. I previously wrote about how excited I am to watch Tangled, Disney's movie version of Rapunzel. And my oh my I wasn't anything near disappointed after watching it. Heartwarming, but definitely not boring. I am right after all, that Disney won't let me down :) I fell in love with Flynn Rider after watching with Hannah. What with all his smoldering looks and pretty boy charms. Seriously, I'm wishing for a guy who could make me laugh and feel 'kilig' at the same time more than someone who just delivers super sweet lines (read: cheesy dialogues). Am I asking for an impossible guy here? :))

HAHAHA, I had a good time editing these silly pictures. Sorry Mark, I just really had to crop you!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Paging all the Flynn Rider out there. Hahahaha. Hello Hannah! Thank you for giving in to my pleading ;;)

Thanks to Brian for the pictures! 

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