07 February 2011

Load Load Load...

Hello guys! These past few days, all that I've been able to do online is to check my mails. Our WiFi has been cut off and will be replaced probably this friday. To stay true to my promise to myself that I will post entries not later than a week's time though, I resorted to using the Prepaid Globe Tattoo Broadband which if I may add, is actually not so bad at all. Internet doesn't load too long. Except of course when I upload pictures. But still, I'm not complaining since this is the only way for me to share more of my thoughts to my wonderful friends who find time to really read what I blab about, with or without sense. Moving on....

For the nth time, Janica visited me at home. Good thing she arrived 5 minutes after I arrived from school. What a lazy day it has been for me! I’m not quite sure which to blame for the sudden attack of laziness: the idea of going to school or just because.


She arrived with these in hand: her lasagna meal and my Bacon and Mushroom Melt, all ordered from Tazzina. It's a mini cafe which serves yummy foods situated near St. Paul QC. I missed eating there!

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