06 August 2014

Tu Ressembles a Comment Tu Parles

Here is what I wore on a particular rainy day where one of my best friends in the whole wide world and I switched from one Makati mall to another and then back to where we started again just to satiate our compulsive shopping desires. While she looks clean and polished in her midi skirt and black flats, I look a little too casual. Haha!

 photo IMG_3117_zps4a27977b.jpg photo IMG_3114_zpsc6e3a6d9.jpg
Long cardigan: Festival Mall bazaar area | Flowy top: Mango | Shorts: Topshop | Slippers: Havaianas | Bag: Victoria's Secret

I love rainy season more than the dry season. For some reason, rain has the power to romanticize almost anything and everything. I am either a wallflower or an overbearing contender.

 photo IMG_3113_zpse8427e09.jpg photo IMG_3110_zpsb07dbb81.jpg
I'm trying out my all-too flashy teeth smile. I'm still feeling my way through my now braces-less teeth.

"You resemble how you talk". Talk confidently and no one will know how jittery and unsure you really are. Talk as if you believe in everything you say and you'll trick not only your audience but also and more importantly, your own self.

 photo IMG_3103_zpsc0edd2d8.jpg photo IMG_3101_zpsa58bf9f7.jpg

I patiently waited for three straight nights the TV debut of History channel's World Wars series. It's a 3-episode documentary which was divided into 6 parts. The moment I saw its marketing tag line "World War 1: The world changed them. World War 2: They changed the world.", I knew it would be exceptionally interesting. And I was proven right. You know what the similarity is among the war leaders Mussolini, Hitler, Churchill, Stalin, and Tojo? It's that, they speak effectively. (Of course I'm discounting their personal weaknesses and faults which became their identifiers later on. I intentionally didn't include Roosevelt as I think his involvement was more of a retaliation to a provocation.) They started with an ideology that they believed in then imparted it with those who were seeking for something that can unify their nation, and finally acted upon what they thought was the truth.

See, there's an error in cultivating a thought. Because normally it's on a personal basis, there's nothing that can convince us that we have an erring  philosophy. Only when we've lived through to see the aftermath do we get to stare at our faulty reasoning.

I found the sentence I used in my title in HERE

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