15 August 2014

The Life That Matters

The problem with my generation is that, we are so good at pretending we are someone we're not that we end up deluding ourselves into thinking that we're better than who we actually are.

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Sheer top used as dress: from my Lala | Belt: from Bangkok | Bead bracelets: from night market in Baguio | Bag: Juicy Couture | Inner top and cycling shorts: Yvonne's | Shoes: Zara

My grandmom's sister and her son who both live in Italy are in the country for a two-week vacation. Trying to communicate with my uncle whom I've seen in person for the first time is very difficult as he speaks only a little English. J'aimerais qu'il parle un peu fran├žaise que l'anglaise. Parce que je veux pratiquer mon fran├žaise. Mon petit peu 'knowledge' de francais. (If my sentences are grammatically incorrect, at least I hope the thought is there. Hahahaha) How do I translate my thoughts into comprehensible Italian phrases when my vocabulary is only composed of 'Ciao', 'Buon Giorno', 'gelato', 'grazie', 'cappuccino', and 'vino'? At least it's fun to teach them a few Filipino words during dinner as we enjoy a nice glass of white wine. If there's anything cool about the arrival of my Italian citizen relatives, it's that they bring the best tasting white wine to the table in every meal!

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I have accumulated enough wrong decisions these past years that somehow I know I can't take making decisions lightly any longer. It's true what they say, after all. Decisions that we've come up with today will later on catch up on us. I've recently met up with my best friend whom I haven't seen in the last two months. (Thanks for the pasalubong from London, S!) We were talking about decisions as we are in the stage where weighty decisions have to be made. Chalk it up on our nature but we've agreed that although it's tempting to accept all the offers that come our way, we have to be discerning on which offer to ultimately accept. We were referring to job offers, by the way. I'm currently working for my father but I'm already seeking for employment in other companies where I can use the degree I've specialized in in college. I know I am not supposed to be finicky as I am practically inexperienced but I can't afford to jump on all the snail mails and e-mails that come my way as I don't want to waste the next years of my life in an environment where I would not fully thrive in.

I want to work for companies where excellence is the culture and mediocrity the disease. And then someday, once I've learned how to walk, perhaps I can fly.

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  1. I miss you and Karen! Please makipagkita kayoooo


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