08 August 2014

Ladies Who Do No Wrong: Jane Aldridge

I was in HS when I came across fashion blogs while searching for mood inspirations. Since then, I've believed more in their creative power than in celebrities'. And normally, the bloggers whom I tend to heavily obsess on have styles that are leaning on the chimerical side rather than relatable. I have fondness for others whose style I can only aspire for; actual imitation is completely asymptotic. What's the point of looking up to someone else when you can easily emulate her style? Also, I admire them because they push all fashion boundaries and seem to be non-apologetic for it.

Whether it's because of her porcelain skin, tall frame, annoyingly always gorgeous red locks, excessive accessorizing, editorial-worthy photographs, well-decorated apartment, and her 'sea of shoes' (both blog itself and words' literal meaning), there's just something about Jane Aldridge that I'll always adore.

 photo ja10_zps3f93a4cd.jpg photo ja15_zps28f5be1c.jpg
 photo ja9_zps840445a7.jpg photo ja16_zpse0cce563.jpg
 photo ja2_zps9e85a1bb.jpg photo JA_zps7ce24694.jpg
 photo ja12_zps8186b02f.jpg photo ja6_zps7e76c06f.jpg
 photo ja17_zps4928beb4.jpg photo ja19_zps8fd97508.jpg
 photo ja18_zps397f226b.jpg photo ja14_zps64e66b55.jpg
 photo ja7_zpsb81a020f.jpg photo ja3_zps3937dbf6.jpg
 photo ja8_zps7d789f5e.jpg photo ja4_zpsdec2fbb7.jpg
 photo ja5_zps7f10672d.jpg photo ja20_zps6e45b910.jpg
 photo ja11_zpsdb6fed72.jpg photo ja13_zpsde8b4d12.jpg
Photos from seaofshoes

For goodness' sake, Jane, why do you have all the beautiful shoes in the world?

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