11 March 2013

Old Soul

In the few times that I was asked if I would rather live 50 years ago or 50 years in the future, I never gave a black or white answer. Truth is, I'm not one to ponder on something that is beyond my reach or the confines of my reality. Yes, I am a dreamer and a grandiose one at that but all my dreams have a scintilla of possibility, at least. Anything that I cannot foresee, I let go. But of course, I am susceptible to further prodding. So if you'd really ask me nonstop to choose just one, I'd probably say "For a day, only for a day, I'd rather be in the past". Our past has a certain charm that never fails to intrigue me. 

My Tita Aida arrived in the country the morning of the 7th. She shares the same birthday with her older brother who happens to be my dad. For their joint birthday dinner, we chose to dine in La Cocina de Tita Moning. The mansion turned restaurant-museum serves a 7 course Spanish-Filipino meal and the experience of seeing how Manila is like in the late 1930s. I guess we can be considered a family of foodies as we try to sample all the best culinary places in the metro but our love of trying new dishes doesn't stop there. We're after the total experience which can be associated with the ambiance and the presentation of the table wares and the food themselves. Extra bonus, of course, for the personal touch. In all the aforementioned criteria, I am giving La Cocina a perfect 5 star. Try it, you would get your money's worth :)

 photo mirror_zps1825099c.jpg
Since I know the place is calling for a vintage vibe, I threw on the most vintage blazer I can find in my closet. Tadaaaa! Here's my green blazer which I inherited from my great grandmom. She wore it around whatelse but during the 1930s too.
Blazer: from my great grandmom| White lace romper: Zara| Necklace: H&M| Belt: Mango| Bag: Michael Kors| Shoes: Zara

 photo IMG_0824-2_zps205dc592.jpg
 photo 482645_4666038372548_1069246743_n_zps33a4ffe3.jpg
 photo IMG_0752-2_zpsdd9d2ea4.jpg
table set-up for the night
 photo IMG_0760_zps89e17a65.jpg
 photo rooms4_zpseb5ccfb1.jpg
top: mirror shot taken as soon as I've reached the second floor of the mansion
down: the huge painting of the girl behind me is by Felix Hidalgo and he entitled it "La Inocencia"
 photo IMG_0747-2_zps139b05d6.jpg
radio room
 photo rooms2_zpscacd5062.jpg
Left: I am standing beside a real cadaver. Moomoo!, Right: in front of the house
 photo IMG_0756-2_zps242dc015.jpg
living room
 photo IMG_2159-2_zps14d3ceb0.jpg photo IMG_0809-2_zps7982f844.jpg
 photo IMG_0801-2_zpsaff4c108.jpg
birthday celebrants of the night: my dad and my Tita Aida, and their cakes
 photo rooms_zpsf3086c9b.jpg
Clockwise: hallway leading to the library, my ultimate dream of using a bell to call on for help (Ate Lea! Ate Lea! Hahahaha), stairs, inside the clinic
 photo IMG_0723-2_zpseb579e67.jpg
the owner used to hold his clinic inside the mansion, the skeleton hanging is the actual cadaver used while the owner was studying in medical school
 photo IMG_0764-2_zps0e784c9c.jpg
who wouldn't want to have tea if your teapots and cups are made of gold, right?
 photo rooms3_zps1e3b66a0.jpg
 photo food-1_zps8a5e9267.jpg
I wasn't able to take photos of the entire 7-course meal. There are other set menus to choose from, should you want to experience it too.
 photo IMG_0770-2_zps09bef277.jpg
 photo IMG_0757-2_zps575f187e.jpg
dressing room
 photo face_zps8b5960e9.jpg

Cultural dining at its best, don't you agree? :)


  1. Thank you so much for following me! Now I'm following you! :)

  2. Wow! I want to experience dining there too. I love old houses, not that I want to live in it, just for a visit. Looks like you had so much fun. The food looks yummy! The radio room looks cool but I guess vintage stuff is always cool, just like your jacket. The print is sooo vintage, it looks good on you, your grandmom would be so proud.


  3. cool the skeleton ahah!


  4. thnx for following.. sweety.. followed u back.. :)

  5. oh wow, this indeed looks like a great time! I have experienced something similar for a couple of times here in Estonia and now, after seeing all those photos I just feel so incredibly hungry!
    your outfit, btw, is an awesome one too. I obviously love the vintage blazer and would actually love to see details of your bag, belt, necklace and shoes :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. Such fun pictures! And you look adorable! Would you like to follow each other?

  7. Love your jacket. What a beautiful place!

  8. Sweet place. Wow, great food too!!

  9. So cool. Really a wonderful outing.


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