30 March 2013

At the Eleventh Hour

Hellooooo! How's your Holy Week going so far? I'm enjoying mine as I am feasting on sumptuous Swiss meals after a long day of observing Christian traditions. Anyway, since I was able to sneak off a few minutes today, I'd like to share what I wore in the batch party that I attended last 23rd of March. My batchmates and I are looking forward to the much-awaited culmination of our college life, aka graduation, which will start commencing this term for the others while which will happen for me next year February. That is, if everything else will sail smoothly. But before we part ways, the university held ID110's last grad ball in PICC. The party was entitled APO110.
 photo 215801_10151488198696530_1859854895_n_zps9cc1aed7.jpg
my date for the night/ one of my few favorite persons in college/ my style sister, Lina Domingo. It's also worth mentioning that she's one of my tallest friends EVER. In my defense, she stands at 5'6 so don't bother asking me why I look like a midget standing next to her. Hahaha!

 photo IMG_2301modified_zps9a686be5.jpg
I know, I know. The big question is, "WHY ON EARTH DID YOU NOT WEAR A BALL GOWN?"
Truth is, I wasn't prepared at all. I only knew of the event two days prior to it so there was no way that I could've demanded my mom to accompany me to go to my favorite atelier shops in the metro. I did the best that I could in looking for an alternative cocktail dress and this is what I came up with. I know I could've done better. And probably Lina was right when she said that "Of all the people I know, YOU are the one who makes formal events a big thing". Time was my enemy so I had to make do with what's available. In all honesty, even though it's a tame one, I liked what I wore. Actually, I love it. It's ruffled all over and had it become a long dress, it would've looked like a ball gown too because the bottom is flared. I love the dress and if only it's mine, I would wear it again in another important event. Yep, I just borrowed it. I borrowed it from my 4 year old cousin! Perks of being a very petite girl :)

I wasn't wearing my heels when I took these pictures because they were shot when I reached home already. For the first time in my life, my feet gave up on me!!! I've never felt as much pain as I did that night. Hmm. Maybe that only meant I enjoyed APO110 so much! In fact, I did. It was so fun bumping into the other students who have made my almost 4 year stay in DLSU memorable and bearable. Animo! (Yes, those are band aids on my toes)
 photo IMG_2315_zps06bd3cb7.jpg
 photo IMG_2307_zps27f618d9.jpg
 photo IMG_2304_zps5427d51d.jpg
 photo IMG_2303_zpsdeeb20ec.jpg
 photo IMG_2298_zpsaf21fdbd.jpg
Dress: Debenhams Kids| Belt: Promod| Bag: Vivienne Westwood| Shoes: Zara| Ring: Aldo| Bracelets: H&M

Before I forget, let me just say that I'm sooo touched with all the comments that I am yet to approve. Give me until Monday to sort them out Hihi
Enjoy the rest of your Holy Week and make it count, friends!


  1. Beautiful dress. Great shoes too..but I'd have them off as well.

  2. Love this! What a gorgeous outfit!

  3. Totally amazing. Such lovely shoes, too!

  4. Awesome week, you must be having. Great post!

  5. Hi there! I really like your blog! :) Check out mine and if you like, maybe we can follow each other! :)

  6. a dress from a 4 year old? wow, that's something! ;) and let me tell you the dress looks fabulous on you! especially when combined with all those bangles and fierce high heels. great job!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. So beautiful and chic <3...
    I'm gonna follow you dear :*.

  8. Thank you very much! Following you back! :)

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