18 March 2013


I visited my Tito Roy in his resting place some Sundays ago. Whenever I visit my Tito Roy, I always see to it that I bring my camera along. I find the silence in the place comforting, the capaciousness soothing, and the solemnity consoling. Besides, the pictures always turn out great. Hahaha. After, I proceeded to St. Luke's hospital to visit another Tito who underwent an operation. I donned my most comfortable dress that is a combination of a make shift dress and a shoulder-padded one to help me get through the activities for the day.
 photo IMG_2199_zps14090ed9.jpg
A few weeks ago, I watched Silver Linings Playbook in my friend's place. It made me laugh so much and made me think that JLaw really deserves the Best Actress awards she got the past award season. But more than the humor, my friend Kim and I came to this conclusion: everyone in the world is crazy, no exceptions. What differs is the intensity of craziness from one person to another but bottomline is, we are all suffering from some mental illness. Perhaps we're just lucky that we're undiagnosed. Let's talk about my favorite subject in the world aka ME. My thoughts are very unstable. They change rapidly and they happen without warning, without excuses, without remorse. I commit plenty of errors, most of which I try to fix but the others, I let them be. Generally, I own up to my faults. But there are a few people who make me irrational to the point that I forget all reasons and become very vengeful. Nietzsche was probably right when he said that humans are instinctive, not intellectual, creatures. When push comes to shove, we rely on our instincts - to fight back. I try to be nice but I can only take so much. Who knows if I'm just defending my shortcomings subconsciously or if I'm just trying to appear nonchalant. Whatever floats your boat, so be it :)
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Whew, wasn't that a good segue? From the lesson I've gained from the movie to the lesson I'm learning from one of my subjects this term. Oh, you don't think so? As in, you don't think there's any connection at all? Your fault, you should've widen your comprehension. Hahaha Yep, I am currently writing a paper on Nietzsche but since I can't grope for good words, I just updated the blog. Nice, right? ;)
 photo 1-8_zpse11ba26a.jpg
Dress: hand-me-down| Shoes: Zara| Bag: Fossil| Bracelets: from my friend Tintin| Ring: Aldo

"The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday. That's guaranteed. I can't begin to explain that. Or the craziness inside myself and everyone else. But guess what? Sunday's my favorite day again. I think of what everyone did for me, and I feel like a very lucky guy."


  1. Love the dress. Adorable shoes too!

  2. oh, I can see why you like that dress. it sure is a simple one but how amazing is the bold pattern! I also think that pattern looks awesome next to your brown leather bag. cute!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. YOu look so beautiful! I'm impressed! : )

  4. You are so pretty :)
    I love this dress! And this shoes... *.*

  5. Such beautiful dress! You look adorable! Thank you for your lovely comments. I am your new follower. Hope you will follow me back.

  6. Beautiful dress <3, you look gorgeous ;). Maybe, can we follow each other?:)

  7. Such a lovely print! Love that you have paired it with those shoes! So chic!


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