07 March 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad!

 photo IMG_0358-2_zps4336a8d3.jpg
 photo 12958_1160594698647_530936_n_zpsb61b3cfd.jpg
 photo 165332_1500955607457_5107992_n_zpsf23be28c.jpg
 photo 5495_1079065460467_6326889_n_zps04891a69.jpg
 photo 19979_1171102721341_2295292_n_zps95b29311.jpg
 photo IMG_7167_zps33bd2f97.jpg
 photo IMG_0359-2-1_zpsd06022f4.jpg
To the first man in my life
the first man who couldn't say No to me
the first man who pampered and spoiled me rotten
the man whom my facial features take after
the first man who called me beautiful
the first man who made me cry because he said that I'm straying away from being "sweet pretty little baby" girl
the first man whom I said "I love you" to,


  1. happy birthday to your dad!
    all those photos of you two are adorable btw. so sweet :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. Hey!! Looks like you're daddy's girl. Lovely pics, great memories right there. Happy Birthday to your dad!


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