28 February 2013

Parallel Universe

Let's just assume for a moment that in a parallel universe there's the more diligent and responsible version of myself. She does all the things that she's supposed to do on time and she doesn't make excuses to avoid getting caught.

Hello everyone!!! I am now updating my page as it has dawned on me that it's already the end of February. It feels as though January has just passed. If not for the wake up call, aka Midterm Week, I wouldn't have thought that March is approaching! Whew talk about living under a rock. Anyway, since I've a major catching up to do, I decided to just upload some of the photos that were supposed to be in separate posts had I followed my self-made rule to post every three days. Sorry, I'm the best slacker in the world. (I would never tell my future boss about this blog as s/he might see this Hahaha) Oh! I suggest you listen to Justin Timberlake's old school songs, i.e LoveStoned, Cry Me a River, What Goes Around Comes Around, Sexy Back, My Love, while reading everything in this post, just like what I'm doing as I'm typing now. Good vibes, good vibes.

 photo rsz_zara_zpsb415d4ad.jpg
December 2012 - inside Zara's dressing room. A month later, I found the perfect event where to wear this -my birthday dinner with my family. Check it out HERE.
 photo IMG_0399-2_zps95a2c1a4.jpg
January 2013 - after watching Les Mis with my Lala Ester. Look at those Chucks she's wearing. Very bagets talaga diba!
 photo lastday_zpsc5bec09f.jpg
 photo lastday2_zpsfb8841ec.jpg
December 2012 - last day of my 8th term. Hannah and I visited DLSU's newest building and in the evening, I met up with my best friend Karen for a few pizza and drinks.
 photo Zara2_zpsb50b4655.jpg
December 2012 - inside Zara's dressing room. I was looking for a good dress to wear to my Tito's wedding when I saw this. It was love at first sight. Check out the post HERE.
 photo IMG_0327_zps38c07322.jpg
 photo XmasHomily_zpsbccd937d.jpg
Christmas 2012's homily was by far the coolest homily I've witnessed. Instead of delivering the usual talk, Fernbrook Garden's officiating priest sang with his choir. He's just that cool :)
 photo fireworks_zps98dfc2e3.jpg
In time for our celebration of New Year, Dad, Gio and I went to all the way to the factory place to buy plenty of fireworks and firecrackers.
 photo zorbball_zps5685e50f.jpg
December 2012 - the family went to Caliraya for a quick weekend getaway. Here I am inside the zorb ball.
 photo 1stday_zps6afcfa88.jpg
January 2013 - first day of my 9th term in college. This has also been the first time I attended a class at its first day. The verdict? Never attend a first day class again. Never. Haha!
 photo Barbs-1_zpse4c9b21e.jpg
December 2012 - with my super duper close friend Barbs :)
 photo spa_zps4b0ddf9a.jpg
February 2013 - the family went to Callos Spa for a much deserved spa weekend getaway and also to serve as the 2nd send-off celebration for my Lala who's left for the US weeks ago.
 photo Zara3_zps7ec25614.jpg
December 2012 - inside Zara's dressing room. I am yet to attend an event where I best deem this fits.
 photo tribo_zpsd4d9b6f8.jpg
December 2012 - with TRIBO. Meet my best friends from HS: Vary Jonson, Karen Soledad, Jerone Malangen, and Jana Medel.
 photo 5ac8a6e4-26d2-41ac-a489-b06cae5a23a1_zps3434a389.jpg
February 2013 - at the Callos Spa.
 photo send-off_zps38ac957e.jpg
February 2013 - in Laffline Comedy Bar. Check out the rest of the post HERE.

Later! :)


  1. your Lala indeed has the coolest style! you can tell her that ;) and your outfits, especially those fancy ones, are awesome too. oh and now I feel like I want to go to a spa.. right away! I so need it!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. You've been a very busy girl! Love the top in the first photo!

  3. Such sweet fashion! As always! Looks like a great time with family and friends too!

  4. Love the happiness you always show on your blog!

  5. Great post! Love the outings you guys go too!

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  9. So many spectacular looks

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