05 February 2013

When the Cat is Away, the Mouse Comes Out to Play

Over the weekend, we had an advanced send-off celebration for my forever-young grandmom, Lala Ester. She's about to continue her 'apostolic duties', i.e. take care of her grandchildren, in a matter of few days. Mom, Kuya Gian (appointed driver for the night), Tito Ian, and I brought Lala to Laffline comedy bar for a night of laughter and entertainment. Luckily, the night's main star is none other than the phenomenal Vice Ganda. I'm not exactly a fan but after watching her in action, I've to admit I was beyond impressed with the speed of her comeback. My jaws literally dropped at how quick-witted and riotous she is. What a witty human being!
My dad wasn't with us that night as he was on an out of town client call. His absence gave me an excuse to wear one of my shortest shorts. Some may not find anything offensive with the length of my bottoms but leave it to my parents, most especially my dad, to feel affronted with seeing me in something like this. After explaining to my mom why I had to wear this, backed up with my Lala's prodding as she's asked me to don this pair of shorts long time ago, I was allowed to step out of our house without changing. Now you might be asking, why am I making such a big fuss out of this? Again, this is a first! Pagbigyan niyo na please Hahahaha. I'm a living proof of the saying that when the cat is away, the mouse comes out to play.
Blazer: H&M| Top: from Platinum Mall, Bagkok| Shorts: Zara| Shoes: Topshop

It used to be as easy as flipping a coin. What changed? Who changed? Oh, right. I am perpetually 'evolving'.


  1. hehe, those shorts indeed are short and I actually understand what your dad is saying :P but when you're young you just have to try everything that seems interesting enough. that's life. and there is a nice balance in your outfit. that blouse and the blazer make a perfect, modest opposite to your sexy shorts.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. I smiles while reading this post. I'm glad you get to rock this shorts! Hope you had a wonderful time!



  3. Great look ! :)



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