13 February 2013

These Arms Can Kill

That's one self-disapproving title, is it not? 
 photo rsz_13_zps1996f2e6.jpg
If I've any physical insecurity aside from my obvious lack of height, it would be my humongous arms! I mean, they've never been toned and fit. Well, except during my cheerleader days where our coach used to kill us every training day. No one's 'killing' me now and I've a low self-imposed push to 'kill' myself so as a result, all my food intakes are going straight, not to my stomach, but to my arms. I'm not even kidding.
 photo IMG_1919-2_zps9f1a41f9.jpg
My favorite cousin of all time Alissa Peralta (I just have to be honest on this fact) challenged me to go to school wearing sleeveless. Wear it loud and proud, she said. Ever the pushover, I gave it a try. I wore my biggest pair of pants thinking that if I look bottom-heavy, my arms won't be too noticeable. I didn't go for my tight tank tops as fitted clothes might further emphasize what I'm actually hiding so I rummaged through my closet for a better top. I found this sweet reporter-inspired vest that I haven't seen for a long time. I bought it from one of my favorite stores back in High School, Lulu Castagnette. Inspecting its wearability brought back memories of the first and only time I've worn it - my trip to Boracay with my good friend Jana Medel and her family. Coincidentally, we're planning a similar getaway this coming summer. I'm excited for it!!!
 photo IMG_1904-2_zps68181170.jpg
 photo IMG_1911-2_zps465a65c4.jpg
How did my day in school end, you might ask? After attending my first class, I hurriedly went home! Hahaha I didn't continue with the rest of my classes that day. Cut me some slack. I'm too shy to continue with my day. I'm paying more attention to my cute arms rather than listening to my professors. Silly silly me! And for the record, can I just say that these pictures are fake. I look way taller here than in person. Yup, since I'm dishing my physical flaws already, why not go all out right? So there you have it, I'm short and I've big arms. Can someone kill me now? Huhuhu
 photo IMG_1908-2_zps04b53f92.jpg
Like what Fat Amy of Pitch Perfect said, it's alright to admit our flaws. In that way, others won't have to do it behind our backs. Besides, no amount of putting me down can actually put me down. I simply operate that way, no excuses. I'm not a fan of false humility. When I say something is pretty, it's because I think that it is indeed pretty. When I say it's not, I mean it. Oops! I'm talking too much again. I'm out now!
 photo 759520fa-129a-430b-9397-4f5d3ae67a07_zps35554634.jpg
Top: Lulu Castagnette| Pants: Levi's| Shoes: Zara| Belt: Giordano

Cheers! :)


  1. Interesting vest! Wow fab shoes!!! You look fine darling...nothing to worry about.


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  2. gosh, those heels are awesome!! especially when I look at the last photo. such a cool effect! and your arms. I honestly can't understand what are you talking about.. I think you just haven't seen big arms ;)

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  3. Beautiful photos, looks so nice there.:)


  4. Great Blog!

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