28 February 2013

On My Toes

 photo 79b4938b-0ff9-4787-8e13-32083a433291_zpsc69b0f0e.jpg
Tank Top: Gap| Skirt: Mango| Knitted Cardigan: from Macau| Slip-ons: Gap
Last February 9th - 10th, the family went to Antipolo for a much deserved spa treatment weekend.

 photo df809ac8-3552-489c-932a-1386d20ec114_zpsd80d49c6.jpg
Sweater: Ralph Lauren| Shorts: from Bangkok| Shoes: Topshop| Necklace: H&M
Over the weekend, the family went to Mercato to feast on, what else, a smorgasbord of food. I wore this oversized sweater in anticipation of the coming food bump.

I'm probably one of the most dense persons in the entire world. The truth could practically stare at my face and I wouldn't have known it's the actual truth.


  1. oh, how cute is the first photo :) and your outfit is super pretty too. looking great, dear.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me


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