01 December 2012

My World is Changing

It's Christmas time again, yahoooo! I can't help singing along my Christmas playlist.
Where are you Christmas
 Do you remember
The one you used to know
And to start my December posts, I'll upload a few backlog pictures. Coincidentally, I was wearing red here! It seems that 2012 won't make it to my best years list but this doesn't mean that I won't look forward to Christmas. Nothing can ever dampen my Holiday spirit :) These pictures were taken last 17 November but I've only gotten my hands on these earlier this week. Let it be said that I'm a Twilight fan! I'm not denying it anymore. I don't just like the story. I love it! I've read the books before they began showing in the movies and this saga has been one of those few book to movie translations that I approved of. On top of which is Harry Potter but let's not delve into so much of that, for now. Here's what I wore for that night:

Fishtail top and bodycon skirt: Topshop| Blazer: from my Lala Ester| Belt: H&M| Shoes: Charles and Keith| Bag: Nine West (squint your eyes more and you might be lucky to see it HAHA)
Hahaha, I can't let the opportunity of posing with Cinderella on Podium's makeshift castle pass, can I? I'm a Disney Princess - wannabe.
Thanks to Lala Ester for the pictures


  1. lovely pics,

    wanna follow each other? tell me if you followed me, ill follow back :)


  2. Great Christmas outfit! I love twilight too, read all the book and I am a little debased to saga is over. I like you blog, thanks for the sweet comments on mine. Want to follow eachother?

    xx Kelly

  3. cute! you look gorgeous in your outfit :)


  4. hey! great pics... thanks for following :-)
    I am already your follower :-)

    xxx Ros.e.


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