28 December 2012


2012 is almost at its finishing line. I'm wishing all of you a very happy holiday. My greetings are kind of late but still, let me have this chance to wish you all happiness, peace, and contentment; the same things that I'm wishing for myself at the moment. You reap what you sow. Clearly, there are a lot of aphorisms that I know of but vaguely understand. Let this Christmas season heal all that has to be healed. Believe in what the coming year has in store for all of us. And for what it's worth, learn from everything that has happened for they happened because they have to make us realize things that we wouldn't have thought of had they not slapped us in the face, figuratively I hope.

But anyway, Happy Holidays everyone! From the bottom of my "small and hardened" heart, thank you for being a part of my 2012. Yes, it isn't one that I'd dream of reliving but it's definitely something that made me stronger and wiser. Thank you!!! :)

More of this next year!


  1. I love your outfit!


  2. oh my, that is a spectacular outfit! love it a lot! and I wish you all the best for 2013 :)

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