03 May 2011

If you want to do it, all you have to do is do it

I got the results of my check up last week regarding the painful throbbing in my abdomen. It turns out, I do not have ulcer or anything at all, my muscles were just tensed and that I need rest. Perhaps it's because of all those Capoeira classes that I'm taking. At least I'm happy that I do not have any complicated problems internally.

Look at what I found:
Orange Dance Studio's recital
 This was taken while I was on the stage, dancing. I wonder, why do I look so lost?

My mommy saw these pictures and she was like, "Anak, you look radiant in these. Very sunny pa"
 I thought, 'parang oo nga no!' Whatever you can find in my face there, you can't find it now. In fact, I want to wear a mask whenever I go out just to hide my forehead. To whom shall I blame the sudden outburst of pimples on my forehead? Pimples, please please, go away!!! :(

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