29 May 2011

Pay Off

Do you know why I was never a fan of domino, or why I never liked playing it? It's because I always feel uneasy whenever I think of its implication - the domino effect or simply the thought of seeing changes brought by something you have intentionally, or unintentionally, done. Thing is, most of the time, it's unintentional. Once you see each block falls one after another, you can't do anything to stop them from falling completely. All you'll be left with is the mess.


The consequences of my actions for the past year are catching up with me; in fact I wouldn't be so surprised if I'll find them ahead of me already. Everyone talked to me. Everyone told me what I must do, what I must not, and what I must think about. After giving each of their words consideration, I found a new reason to continue where I left off, the very same reason that I can hold onto just to secure the straps that can fasten my resolve to make all the wrong things right once again. I wish not to let go of this reason. But then something happened. No one has told me that there will be sacrifices. Worse, that I cannot choose which I’d like to stay and which, though not easy, I would have to let go. It pains me knowing that in order to erase the errors I have put myself into, I would have to sacrifice the persons who mean so much to me.

P.S. I would like to apologize to Jerone Malangen for not having been able to attend your 18th birthday celebration. You know I would have left whatever that I had to do then just to be on your party. I’m really really sorry! Please naman, wag naman na magtampo :( 

And to Jeanne dela Rosa, alam mo namang favorite person talaga kita eh. Wag ka na din magtampo please?

To our kind friends who, because of some sweet reasons have read this, please pass my messages to them.

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