09 October 2016

The Point Where It Gets Blurry

Dress: H&M | Flats: SM Department Store (Gibi) | Bag: Prada

Let me precede this paragraph by saying that I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. Crying over Sirius’ death? Yup. Hating Umbridge with every fiber of my being? That’s my forte. Shipping Scorpius and Rose together? I’m all for it! But one thing I cannot say is that, I loved the manuscript of The Cursed Child. I’ve read far better fanfictions than that one. I’m not a Psychology expert; I didn’t even have a class in Psychology (or had I?) but to me, Harry may have some issues but he has not appeared as an emotionally-challenged human being. I mean, it’s a wonder how he got out of the Dursleys mentally  unscathed and perhaps it’s only well into fatherhood that his emotional imbalances are showing but I just cannot accept how the book described Albus as a socially awkward teen as a result of his parenting style. He’s Harry Potter’s son, for goodness’ sake; the very same man who defeated Voldemort and saved the entire world. If I were in his shoes, I’ll be ‘strutting down the castle’ and be an even bigger ‘arrogant toerag’ than his grandfather James. Then there’s also Scorpius Malfoy. Oh dear how can he not be cool? If he’s the spitting image of Draco (who by the way is among my favorite characters in the Harry Potter universe), won’t he be equally good-looking, aristocratic, and a downright snob? Oh well. So much for the characters I’ve thought they would have become.

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Did you know how many people I’ve contacted just to ensure that I’ll have a copy by 31 July? There’s my brother Gio who’s currently in the US for his year-long internship (which I’ll tell more about in succeeding posts). He has pre-ordered because we were both anticipating that the book copies will run out as soon as it goes on sale. But then when he has placed the order, it's occurred to me that it’ll take weeks for the book to arrive at my doorstep, which I wouldn’t accept. So enter Plan B. I contacted different bookstores in Manila in hopes that I can have a copy reserved for me. To cut the chase, I had to step out of the office during my lunch break and drive to the bookstore where I finally got my much-anticipated copy (I prefer my books in their physical form rather than the electronic) I may have disliked the content but I will happily be the fan who will fight tooth and nail just to get any literary material concerning the Potter Universe.

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These photos were taken last August 2016 when my family went to Baguio. So until the next post! Haha, I know. This post has been anticlimactic but this is more of a hey-I'm-still-updating type rather than the hey-would-you-look-at-that-I've-an-idea. Until the next!

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