09 October 2016

High School Forever

Oh would you look at that! It seems that I owe myself a couple of posts since I have pretty much been quiet here since 2016 began. Let me post two successive entries (the first is this and the next one will be in a couple of days!)

 photo 12507172_10153884755199241_2017332395695303115_n_zpsrvg7k5no.jpg
 photo 12417705_10207745552372357_1075496911466825376_n_zpsbia7pj62.jpg

I figured, I've left the blog untouched since my last birthday post so why not continue with another birthday post! These photos were taken last 16 January when I held an overnight celebration with some of my favorites from High School.

 photo 946145_10153884753084241_2217413134938456322_n_zpsp3n2wdh2.jpg photo b 1_zpssmjiiphg.jpg
 photo b 2_zps3yx53kmf.jpg

6 years after graduating from High School and everyone's still as indecisive, impulsive, ignorant, shallow, and boisterous as when we left the halls of our beloved High School Alma Mater.

 photo image2 1_zpssin4ckwu.jpg photo image1 1_zpsgicymjsr.jpg
 photo 1960043_10207745540492060_8102578331339524679_n_zpsunyxiqc1.jpg photo d_zpsgcaewjfd.jpg
 photo b_zps8g8uyvsr.jpg

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