23 November 2016

Give the Devil His Due

I think that as the world keeps on progressing, so do the gray areas between 2 opposing straight-laced sides grow. It’s fascinating to see mankind accept that things are changing and that the interpretations of once-thought of as absolute truth are becoming relative. Of course, let’s not discount the power of determined traditionalists who refuse to embrace anything that’s different from what was observed centuries ago. I digress. See, I have always had a questionable sense of who to put my trust in. I’ve always rooted for the villain whose character has been so well-written that I understand his motivations. I especially like characters who’s facing a moral dilemma that’s beyond the concept of whether it’s good or bad. 

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Dress: from Korea | Sandals: Gap | G-embellished Bag: Aranaz | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Last June, we stayed in Samkara Resort in Quezon province. The place was idyllically situated in the middle of rice fields where farmers and their Carabaos plough the lands to prepare them for planting. The nationalistic theme of the resort begins the moment you step into their restaurant and see flags, bolos, and KKK-insignias litter the pathways. Then there’s the ice-cold mountain-water  which filled their pools. Everything about the place just invited relaxation and promised a nurturing stay.

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I am in the phase of obsessing about American TV series. If before I only watch when I have the time, now I make time to watch. I’m still in awe with Breaking Bad, Narcos, and Stranger Things but the real deal which paved way for my American TV series marathon has to be Lucifer. I watched the entire 1st season in just one weekend and  since then, I’m hooked! Let me begin my word vomit with: I love Neil Gaiman. I love his books and highly recommended them to my brother who’s slowly trying to find the joy in reading (he’s failing at it but regardless, he bought certain books upon my recommendation). Gaiman has a knack in transforming ‘childish’ horrors into adult nightmares and creating sensible yet mysterious characters who eventually inhabit the reader’s consciousness, that I was sure anything that he has penned is bound to be great (fine, sometimes it’s only “good”). From his brain sprung the now endearing Lucifer.

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See, I had to screencap this quote including the date from whence I found it just to say that the 1st time I came across it, my interest was piqued. Truly, the question that it posits reverberates and somehow demands an intuitive Christian answer. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not an evil worshipper nor would I ever be passionate for anything related to religion (or the destruction thereof). It’s just that, if we take out the Christian aspect of our prejudice and look at the question from a hypothetical non-extraordinary way, we will all become the greatest breathing hypocrites.

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Aside from Lucifer’s good looks, endearing charm, and unmatched wit, I think that the best part about the TV series from Fox is that it posits more sensible questions in which the answers are lying on the treacherous gray areas between right and wrong. I get it that there’s such concept as faith but sometimes, it’s no longer logical to just trust in someone else when there’s no any concrete proof that will lead us to trust him. And really, how will we know if we’re doing the right thing? Is this what we’re supposed to do? Is this part of the Grand Plan? And what if it is? Will there be a reward at the end of all? Will there even be a point? Whenever Lucifer faces a problem and his vulnerable side resurfaces, he often blurts out the same questions we all ask at one point. Is it truly so bad to try to know more about what we don’t know? Or to try to do things differently from what is expected?

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It's just fitting to leave posts that are unresolved just like that: open and can be picked up from at any time in the future.

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