14 May 2015

The Two Constants

Because of my usual lazy state, I've practiced not to post photos and stories that only chronicle my activities with friends that do not have anything to do with any outfit shots. But since I've posted about Lina and I's swimming activity before, I'll just post about our recent swimming date again. This time, my best friend Karen and Lina's sister Laura joined us. See, Lina and Karen are my life's two constant. I seldom see anyone else aside from them but it doesn't really matter since their company more than makes up for the lack of quantity.

 photo IMG_6219_zpshmnitzoq.jpg
 photo Photo on 5-6-15 at 5.25 PM_zpsxgvgi3ki.jpg
 photo Photo on 5-6-15 at 6.52 PM_zpsdjp1yupk.jpg photo Photo on 5-6-15 at 7.48 PM 2_zpsnudpkoqy.jpg
 photo Photo on 5-6-15 at 6.33 PM_zpshu9vibkp.jpg
 photo IMG_6110_zpshqhbrb5z.jpg photo IMG_6109_zpslvnpm61a.jpg
 photo IMG_6225_zps3if5bjew.jpg
 photo IMG_6228_zpsk5m3ow67.jpg photo IMG_6227_zpsnvqhj8w9.jpg
 photo IMG_6220_zps0iaqu4nu.jpg
 photo Photo on 5-6-15 at 6.33 PM 2_zpsdkhg6iuy.jpg photo IMG_6107_zpsipmbvvtz.jpg
 photo IMG_6223_zps7nsv0yne.jpg photo IMG_6216_zpso3ojlout.jpg
 photo IMG_6215_zpsk80hwacd.jpg
 photo Photo on 5-6-15 at 6.51 PM 3_zpsanjvhvup.jpg photo whaddup_zpsuowypmf7.jpg
 photo Photo on 5-6-15 at 5.27 PM_zpswsljcq2l.jpg

Swimsuit: River Island

We stayed in Sofitel courtesy of Lina's mom. I rarely swim because as I've said plenty of times, I don't know how to aside from I dislike the inconvenience of waiting turns before I can change into dry clothes once more. But if the place is as inviting and luxurious as Sofitel, let my preferences be damned. Haha! We lounged around the lawn facing the Manila Bay in which our photos were beautifully illuminated by the sunset. Right after, we slipped into our onesies and roamed around the hotel like "furry animals in the wild", as Laura described us. I'll be posting photos of our next hotel destination!

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