07 June 2015

Pink Ears Rider

It's funny how I only see some of my closest HS friends when someone is either having her baby christened or throwing a birthday party for her child. We're really growing old!

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Top: H&M | Skirt: Topshop | Shoes: BCGB | Bag: Michael Kors

Last 8th May, I attended my 4th goddaughter Cheska's baptism. No kidding, 4 people have already asked me to "bless their daughter's life with my presence". It's flattering, beyond flattering even, but it's an undertaking I'm unfortunately unable of seeing through consistently. It saddens me, truly and really, that although I would've wanted to devote my time to becoming a regular fixture in my beloved goddaughters' lives, I do not have the luxury of time. I'm on the cusp of making sacrifices to be the person I've always felt I have to become that somehow, all I know these days is to hustle. I arrive at work at 7 in the morning and leaves 11 hours later in the evening every weekdays then attend my French classes every Saturdays. I've to hustle to catch up with all of my shortcomings in college, remember? See how many issues I have? Kidding aside, I just happen to like what I do that I no longer dread the early morning start I avoided as best as I could before.

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2 of my favorites from HS, Cha Valeriano and Jeanne dela Rosa who's carrying the cutiepie Cheska.

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Since I did not have the time to look for a worthy gift to my cutie inaanak, I volunteered to be responsible for the cake.

 photo IMG_6204_zpswov0f4ms.jpg photo IMG_6206_zpspmqcd7zv.jpg
with our Filipino teacher who happened to be our 3rd year HS adviser

Maybe I can only count off on my fingers friends whose principles in life still mirror mine one way or another. My sentiments are redundant but what can I do, I'm still trying hard to find the point where I can meet in the middle with people whom I wish I can still associate with. It's difficult to let go of certain relationships inwhich thousands of shared memories are invested especially when there hasn't been any strong reason for a fall out. Then again I guess it's part of growing up. As we grow older, we change. And as we change, we become different persons who expect different things and can no longer find the point of compromise.

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Because I don't have my own car yet, I've no choice but to take the cab every single day. Thank God for the existence of companies like GrabTaxi and Uber whose services lessen my fear of commuting. When this pink car arrived in front of our door, I was so shocked and excited that I called for someone to take a photo of me with it. It's too cute, right?

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