21 June 2015

Dinner's Best

I woke up to a friend's text message saying she misses me and so she went through my blog (Hi Dacs!! You must know I'm very flattered). Then days after, I received another text from a dear friend saying the same things (Judging you with my judging eyes, Barbs hehe) Well well, what do you know. The blog is serving another purpose! Hahaha

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Cover-up used as dress, inner tube and cycling shorts: from SM Department Store | Sandals: Old Navy | Yellow, white, purple bangles: Mango

I have this rule to never eat dinner outside the house looking unkempt. I'm a superficial person, I've always admitted it. I've always believed in the power of outward appearances. Definitely looks is not the be-all and and-all. It can only hold captive someone else for so long. But there's no harm in projecting how we perceive ourselves in the way we dress. Besides, of all the meals in the day, my favorite has to be dinner because that's when everyone is supposedly (although rarely) at home so the dishes served are mostly good. For this particular dinner in Palette restaurant in Green Canyon Resort (which I'll later on write about and sort under the REVIEW tag), I wore the same cover-up that I normally use when I go swimming. What? A girl with limited choices has to make do with what she has, right?

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I've worked for my Dad for some months before I got the job that I have now and there's something I've noticed about certain people. I think that we all play a part in where our lives go. We can't continue blaming others for our demise. Perhaps the first time something bad happened to us, we can blame it on the lack of response from the government. In the second time, we can still blame it on the shortcomings of the company where we're working. But in the third time and so forth, the blame is fully ours. We can't continue passing the blame to someone else when it involves our lives. It frustrates me when I think about how easy it is for others to be absent for days without so much as a valid explanation. How is earning a few thousand this week enough to compensate for the succeeding week's absence? Especially when the boss arrives at work earlier than the guard does and leaves later in the afternoon the latest. Or when the boss himself volunteers to do field work to show his subordinates how it's done. Sometimes we are all to blame for what's happening in our lives. When the rich gets even richer, it can be because the rich knows how to protect his money by working so hard. Of course I'm not generalizing, and I'm not even in the position to do so since I haven't experienced the difficulty majority does. But with the few times I've witnessed firsthand the difference between the work attitude of those who have and those who do not have, I can't do anything but shake my head in frustration.

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The real world is scary yet exciting. Just the thought that my future is now in my hands, with help from my parents (massive help, to be precise), terrifies and motivates me at the same time. I've always dreamed of holding a significant position in a big company but to realize that dream, I've to go through all the baby steps. I guess it's a sign of maturity when someone starts accepting that she's not the most special person out there. That although she exerts the utmost of her efforts, she still can't get what she wants. It's sad just thinking that all the cheers people bestowed upon us while growing up, including the occasional you're-the-best-among-them commentaries from people who matter, are now just mere cushions for the impending failure we all must deal with. Failure is a necessary block in every journey, I guess. What childhood, High School, and college lives prepared us for beyond the Maths and the Sciences is that, in times where we face a major hindrance, we have good memories to turn to. Or that at one point, we successfully made it. So who's to say that we can't find another way out of our predicament?

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