11 May 2015

O Captain! My Captain!

It's finally happened!!! My brother graduated from college and is now a licensed private pilot to the delight of all our family members, well-wishers, and friends. By now, it's evident that I am someone whose top priorities include her family. I am the type of sister who involves herself way too much in her brothers' lives. When the older brother graduated in Manila Hotel last 1 April 2015, I was bursting with pride to the point that it's insane how I handled it. I mean, since I practically wrote his thesis and another final project, I deserve to jubilate right? Hahahaha

 photo DSC_0126_zpstujxrldk.jpg photo DSC_0174_zps7vgevo6t.jpg photo DSC_0143_zpsxjpdc9wb.jpg
Dress used as top: Promod | Necklace: from a bazaar | Skirt: Kultura | Belt: Mango | Shoes: Zara

Yet again, I found myself forgetting to take photos of what I'm wearing that I've to resort to uneven cropping. Oh well. The invitation clearly states that female guests must wear either a long gown or a Filipiniana gown. I've lots of both in my closet since I rarely give my gowns away even though I've already used them so it was easy to decide on what I'm going to wear. But a day before the graduation, it dawned on me that I'm only the sister of the graduate so I've to look less formal than my Mom while still being in theme which meant that I've to re-examine the pieces in my wardrobe. I wanted to wear a top that has the Imelda Sleeves then pair it off with dress shorts for the modernized youthful Filipiana look but I can't find it. I, however, managed to get my hands on its bottom counterpart. I can't find anything that will balance its length and design out so I opted for a simple top and a statement necklace. Perhaps the final look doesn't look much but do you realize how much thought process went into it? Hahaha

 photo Photo on 4-1-15 at 5.22 PM_zpsxgmgfkwh.jpg
 photo IMG_0768_zpsvaoxhbwo.jpg photo IMG_0764_zpsiujoybsg.jpg
Even my make-up and hair were evaluated the night before. Sometimes I really make someone else's event my event hahaha Just kidding!

 photo IMG_0724_zpsdguwb2kn.jpg
 photo IMG_0711_zpszvoaskhq.jpg photo IMG_0717_zpsvuxwbk6r.jpg
My brother with our proud parents
My brother happens to be the eldest grandchild in both our Mom's and Dad's sides so he has a special place in everyone's eyes (next to me, naturally). He also happens to be the first pilot in our family. He graduated with a degree in BS Aviation major in Flying from Airlink International Aviation School. We celebrated with the usual company - my two first cousins in the country, two grandmoms, and two uncles. This time though, my Mom invited my cousins' cousins from their Dad's side just to make it more festive. We dined in Market Cafe in New World Manila Bay Hotel. We've tried a couple of buffet restaurants in different hotels (which I'm trying to sort in under the RESTAURANTS tag for easier categorizing) and this is actually among those that are really deserving of its price. The food choices are diverse while the taste is superb.

 photo DSC_0120_zpsve8w3jdr.jpg
 photo DSC_0157_zpsydwlwd6e.jpg
I briefly talked about being the Filipinana Queen when I was in elementary in this POST, a title that is self-bestowed. I used to ask my grandmom to make me a dress year after year just because even then, I didn't want to wear the same thing over and over again. Luckily I was able to store them. Here are my cousin Rayne and her cousin Jamille in the gowns I wore when I was in Grade 5 and Grade 6.

 photo DSC_0151_zps08ykwanr.jpg
 photo DSC_0158_zps2d0q7hjm.jpg
 photo IMG_0757_zpsppptjukm.jpg photo IMG_0762_zpsgmdtdxak.jpg
 photo DSC_0488_zpslod0dedg.jpg
My brother is among the few people who have found the perfect match in their chosen career. Not that I'm judging my brother and his preferences (although I enjoy doing that in front of him as a form of bonding), but he's among those whose personality is so strong and developed that he thinks that there is a certain way to live. His views are wrapped around the idea that exclusivity must be embraced. Personally, I also subscribe to the same philosophy but in a less extreme way. There's nothing wrong with aspiring to live the "good life" so to speak especially when one works hard to attain it, and subsequently choose to share it with people who also think the same way. Others might find his aloofness and opinions as hallmarks of snobbishness but he's always been the straightforward kind, one who doesn't do the typical mundane nonsense we all have to deal with. Perhaps it's a trait that has to be corrected but ultimately, I don't think that it posits big problems. After all, the extent of his clout is small. The damage, should there be any, is only within the people whom he likes to associate himself with. It actually sits well with me. There's nothing wrong in living with a certain set of standards and allowing only a few people to matter. It's all just a matter of choosing what's most comfortable to live with.

I've graduated from college more than a year before. Check it out HERE

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